Grupo de Maestros. and AJ Fernandez: Gispert Intenso.

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Mar 25, 2017

In the world of cigars, Gispert is a cigar brand that is usually linked to an old style. It is usually the one cigar that the oldest aficionados smoke. That won't be the case no more. Altadis USA in an attempt to bring back this legendary brand, put together the experienced Grupo de Maestros with the innovative and modern AJ Fernandez way. This will be a new beginning for Gispert. Introducing Gispert Intenso AJ Fernandez a Modern take on a classic cigar. The new Gispert Intenso is totally made in Nicaragua's AJ Fernandez factory under strict supervision by Abdel Fernandez. The blend was created in collaboration with Grupo de Maestros.

The cigar is wrapped in the so called and very popular nowadays, Connecticut Broadleaf, an attractive dark and oily tobacco leaf that is also intense in flavor and aroma. The binder feature a tasty Criollo 98, which will also add the particular Criollo flavor. As many may know, Criollo is a word that describe the Cuban native. Criollo means mixing the Mother land Spanish conqueror with the African’s and native Indians, the result: The Criollo. That means Criollo is complex and with a variety that is intriguing and flavorful. Last but not least, the fillers: Piloto Cubano Dominicano, Criollo 98 Nicaraguan. Then Gispert is expected to be a phenomenal smoke.

This latest collaboration between the famous Altadis U.S.A.’s Grupo de Maestros and the well known A.J. Fernandez is putting Gispert in a significant higher level of strength. This is a totally new concept aside from the traditional Gispert cigars and it is targeting a more avid cigar aficionados. Only three sizes are being initially produced namely: Corona with 5 x 44; Toro with a 6 x 50 and a Belicoso with 6 1/8 x 52. Elegantly packaged in boxes of 20 cigars and price point between $6 to $7. Enjoy them now at Cuenca Cigars. Visit us today or shop them online.