Food and Cigars: Top 7 Pairings

Food and Cigars: Top 7 Pairings

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jun 14, 2018

For any true cigar aficionado, there's really nothing more relaxing and satisfying than enjoying a cigar during a great meal. But not every cigar goes well with every type of food, though. Every cigar is different, just like every meal is different.

Pairing the best tasting cigars with the rights meals is important for the enjoyment of both. Let's take a closer look at some cigars that will help make the most of your favorite meals.

Food and Cigars: Top 7 Pairings

We all know wine and cheese go together, but what food pairs well with cigars?

1. Seafood

One important factor to consider with seafood is that it's not heavy on your palate, thus your cigar shouldn't be either. If you go with something too strong or full-bodied, you'll wreck a delicious meal.

We recommend pairing the sweetness of fresh salmon or clams with a straight-up medium-bodied cigar that offers a lot of sweetness in both aroma and taste, such as the Warped La Colmena.

2. Italian

Italian is another type of food where you'll want to steer away from cigars that are too strong.

Italian mixes, sweet sauces, and seasoned meats making a medium to medium/full-bodied cigar is the preferred choice. Thus it would be hard to beat indulging in the Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Cuban Belicoso during your next Italian feast.

3. Smoked Meat and BBQ

For those who love a strong, full-flavored, full-bodied cigar, this is definitely the meal of choice for you. The Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged cigar is a top contender for anyone craving meats that are tangy or spicy.

This cigar has a complexity that will match up perfectly with a dry-rub or a rich sauce. Just the thought of this pairing should be making you hungry!

4. Grilled Red Meats

There's really nothing that can top the pairing of the perfect steak or burger with a cigar that is medium to full-bodied.

Both the full-bodied Inferno Melt and Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown pair exquisitely will juicy grilled protein. This a meal with lots of amazing flavors, so you will want a cigar that can keep up.

5. Chicken

Chicken is a meat that requires something a bit lighter for the palate. The importance of cigar choice here is to avoid overpowering your meal.

We suggest a mellow smoke, such as a Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Churchill. It's smooth and creamy, with a toasty and nutty profile that will compliment the juicy nuances of the finest chicken dish.

6. Starters

Enjoying a fine cigar with your appetizer is something that many aficionados appreciate. With food choices such as cheese or olives, a Petit Corona, or similar cigar, will help make the most of every bite.

7. Dessert

Generally speaking, cigars and dessert don't mix well. This is because of the opposing flavors. Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as dark, bittersweet chocolate.

But if you insist on indulging in both, we think you'd best enjoy the Cohiba Black Churchill.

Choosing the Best Tasting Cigars

This is a guide created to help you have the best possible dining experience. Anyone who loves good food will want the best-tasting cigars to compliment the perfect meal.

As a cigar aficionado, you obviously enjoy the finer things in life. Pairing the best tasting cigars with the right foods is an art form intended to bring out the best of both.

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