Ferio Tego Generosos 2022 Limited Edition

Ferio Tego Generosos 2022 Limited Edition

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jan 04, 2023

Ferio Tego Generosos 2022 Limited Edition

Luxury smoking is a quality  leisure activity that many people love. Cigars are growing into a $25 billion business and for good reasons. 

Ferio Tego Generosos 2022 Limited Edition


They feature some of the best organically harvested tobacco in the world. Consider by any ancients cultures as the " Magic Leaf". When smoked, you will appreciate taste notes and aromatic qualities that you'll fall in love with. We're happy to introduce you to a new limited-edition release that you'll want to add to your humidor.  

Here are some points you should know about the Ferio Tego Generosos cigar. 

The Ferio Tego Generosos 2022 Limited Edition

Before you try out a new cigar like the Ferio Tego Generosos, you should understand the company that cultivated it. Ferio Tego is a company that launched in 2021 with a line of timeless artisan cigars. 

The Generoso is the most recent limited edition batch that hobbyists will appreciate. When news of this cigar was released, aficionados were rightfully excited. Though the company is young, they have already come up with award-winning cigars that have gotten high marks in publications like Cigar Aficionado and Golf Digest. 

Consider the key points as you look to add this cigar to your collection.  

Country of Origin and Manufacture 

Ferio Tego specializes in rare cigars with small batch, limited releases. This cigar is manufactured in Nicaragua, which is the world's second-largest exporter of cigars. The majority of the Generoso comes from this country, including the binder and filler. This cigar wrapper was  cultivated and crafted in Honduras. 

Both countries  are rich in resources, they enjoy from plenty of sunshine, unspoiled soil, and clean water. Access to these nature gifts contributes to the experience that you will get from the Ferio Tego Generoso.  

A Commemorative Release

In starting a tradition, cigar companies need to have strong choices for recurring releases. The Ferio Tego Generoso gives you the chance to appreciate a limited-edition cigar that will become a new tradition for the brand. 

This line can soon become a favorite for people to purchase a box of each year as the company rolls out releases.  

Body and Flavor

So, how does this Ferio Tego measure up in terms of body and flavor? It's a cigar that features full flavor and a smooth body. This cigar offers the boldness that you expect from an artisan cigar, while still being palatable enough for novices to still enjoy. 

The 2021 offering comes with a variety of flavor notes that you can experience with each smoke. Some of the notes that you will pick up on include raw dark chocolate, black peppercorn, earth, coffee, and leather. This assortment of flavors makes this cigar an excellent pairing with any sort of cooked meat and a glass of bourbon or espresso. 

So, what's new in the 2022 release? It is also full-bodied and comes with a dark, sun-grown wrapper. In addition to black peppercorns, this cigar offering also features flavors of dark chocolate, white pepper, cardamom, and earth. You'll enjoy picking up one of these cigars each year to compare the subtle changes and the evolution of the brand.  

Best of all, this cigar smokes slowly, which allows you to appreciate it at your leisure and practice picking up all of the taste notes that it brings.  

Cigar Size and Dimensions

Whenever you're interested in purchasing from a line of handmade cigars, make sure that you also explore the dimensions. The Generoso comes in a single size – a 6 x 50 toro. 

This size and shape are accessible for people who love cigars or a new to them altogether. 

The Cigar Price

So, how much does this offering cost? The limited edition batch is sold in boxes of ten cigars, which retail for roughly $220.

Make sure that you shop around for these boxes of premium cigars to make sure you're getting the best price and not missing out on variations of a special promotion.  

How it Compares With Others

If you're a cigar Aficionado, you'll want to have a few different options to compare the Generoso to. Thankfully, Ferio Tego has plenty of choices that you can explore to see which suits your tastes. 

In addition to the Generoso, you can stock up on limited-edition cigar options like:

  • Ferio Tego Elegancia 2021 and 2022
  • Ferio Tego Sterlin
  • Ferio Tego Prestige
  • Ferio Tego Supreme
  • Ferio Tego Panamericana

Check for these releases by ordering directly from the manufacturer or by shopping at your trusted local or online cigar store. Ask about pre-orders for the release so that you can get on a list and make sure that you get your fresh box in a timely fashion. Make sure to also pick up some excellent cigar accessories to go with your next purchase.  

Add a New Cigar Box to Your Collection

The Ferio Tego Generosos is an excellent cigar to add to your humidor whenever you want a lush and flavorful smoking experience. Whether you enjoy these offerings at home on your back patio or at a cigar lounge where you engage in leisure and networking, you'll want to stake your claim on the year's latest release. 

You can appreciate this information whether you're new to cigars or are already in love with the Ferio Tego brand.  

At Cuenca Cigars, we've been providing cigar lovers with the best handmade cigars on the market. Take some time to browse our cigars to find a selection that you'll fall in love with.