Facebook 6000 likes contest at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

Facebook 6000 likes contest at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 18, 2013


Thanks to all of you for liking us on Facebook! We'll do another contest in a couple of weeks and I am trying to figure it out how to get all of the fans and do a Global Facebook Fans Contest! Love you all. and congrats to the winner!

Thoughts about the Social Media:

Forget about what they said about how to get likes on your page. You can expend a fortune with Pay Advertisement and generally you get fans that won't hold onto the page because sometimes they actually click attracted for something is not! I am taking from experience. When you see 10000 fans in a page, you'll see a huge marketing department behind and a lot of $$$$$$.... we, as you and other small businesses, have not that privilege so, you have to be creative and wise..... its a little time consuming but is a lot of fun and your likes will hold for ever...... here is a contest we ran on our Facebook page and the winners! Hope you have fun as much as i did and of course, thanks to all of you for posting and inviting your friends to our page! at the end of the day, if it weren't for you all, nobody would know who we are! and, of course, thank you YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for allowing us to share for free! Visit our page anytime and enjoy the fun we all have! Thanks!