Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Cigars Offer A Taste of Cuba

Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Cigars Offer A Taste of Cuba

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Dec 04, 2015

With the Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigar, Drew Estate has continued along with their trend of creating traditional, yet incredible cigars. The blend is an homage to Cuba and everything great about Cuban cigars.

The cigar’s namesake, Willy Herrera, is a renowned tobacco maker who worked at the Miami cigar factory- El Titan de Bronze. Drew Estate recruited him to work at their factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Together, Herrera and Drew Estate have worked to come up with a luxurious Cuban blend. It was only after several attempts that they succeeded. In fact, the blend in Drew Estate Herrera cigars has been in progress for well over a year.

Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigars are rolled in one of the most difficult ways: entubado. Experienced rollers were enlisted from the team that rolled Liga Privada, and they hand-rolled each cigar with passion.

The cigar features fillers from Jalapa and Esteli, Nicaragua, a binder from Honduras and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It’s a medium to full-bodied cigar that mimics a true Cuban cigar in flavor.

The Drew Estate Herrera Esteli cigar is highly-rated. Try one for yourself and find out why. You can get them for the best online prices from Cuenca Cigars.

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