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Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 06, 2016

Cuenca Cigars Anatomy of a cigar

Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood. @cuencacigars be an afficionadoUnderstand the cigar anatomy. The wrapper determines the character and the flavor. It is the most expensive component. Binder is considerably thicker and hardy than the wrapper leaf surrounding it. The Filler is the bulk of the cigar. A bound bunch of tobacco leaves. Fermentation, aging process and country of origin is important to determine the flavor. There are two most important types of fillers. Long Fillers or folhas interiaras and Short Filler or Fumo Picado. Live in style. The best selection. Releases every week. everything at Cuenca Cigars in Downtown Hollywood Florida. 954-364-7660

Cuenca Cigars Anatomy of a cigar

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