Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cutter

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 27, 2013

Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cutter is a new custom made Cigar Cutter that automatically cut the exact amount of tobacco from your cigar. The well called Cuenca 5 Anniversary Perfect Cutter comes with a cover holding the Cuenca Logo design. This cutter handles is uniquely designed to cut the exact amount from the head of any cigar, including Figurado and Torpedo shaped cigars. The cutter was desined for the every cigar smoker, from the novice to the aficionado. You will never have to guess how much of the cigar's head you need to cut for a perfect smoking cigar, you just cut once and in the event you need more draw, you go ahead and cut again another small slice of your cigar. No need to lose even an small portion of your smoke. The PERFECTO cigar cutter does it for you. This unique cigar cutter is made with surgical grade Stainless Steel blades that cut with exact precision. It is designed to fit precisely in the smokers hand during the precision clipping process. 

This cutter is been released at the Cuenca Fifth Anniversary Party and you can get it free when purchasing a Box of Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cigar. Supplies are really limited so, it's best for you to hurry up and reserve you Cigars.

Buy Cuenca 5 Anniversary at the store or Online and receive this Cuenca 5 Anniversary Cutter with your purchase. Limite quantities.

Author: Ana Cuenca