Cigars and Spirits: 6 Winning Combinations

Cigars and Spirits: 6 Winning Combinations

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jun 13, 2018

Everyone knows cigars and spirits are a great combination. But with so many possibilities, which combination do you choose? Read on to learn about six winning combinations.

Vanilla bouquet, tannic undertones, rich earthy notes--are we talking smoke or spirits? Would you believe both?

Pairing cigars and spirits is an age-old combination. Charming Maurice Chevalier in the movie classic Gigi makes a great deal of the ritual. A gentleman with a brandy snifter in one hand and a cigar in the other is depicted even at the sinking of the Titanic.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities? We're matchmaking the best-flavored cigars with some of the most unique spirits in the world. Read on to discover our top 6 winning combinations.

Pick Your Poison

Just like matching wines with your meals, you want a spirit to complement your cigar. Use your own palate to pick what is right for you. Traditional pairings for cigars are VSOP cognac, scotch in all of its various versions, well-aged bourbon, pure cane sugar rum, liqueurs, and port.

The general rule of thumb is the best mild cigars match with the smoothest spirits. The more body a cigar has, the deeper the spirit must be to stand up to it. This does not mean that the unyielding phenolic flavor of Laphroaig clashes with a mild La Palina Classic Connecticut, although it might mean it overwhelms the flavor.

Our Six Best Flavored Cigars and Spirits Combinations

Six spirits, six cigars to inspire you. Don't be limited though. Feel free to mix and match!

1. Glenlivet 12-Year and Ashton Classic

Ashton ClassicSpeyside Scotch whiskies are known for their sweet and smooth finishes. Glenlivet's honey and vanilla notes pair beautifully with the mild  Ashton flavors. Milder in the smoke still full flavored and excellent quality!

2. Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Year and La Aroma De Cuba Especial #5

La Aroma de cuba

This medium to full-bodied cigar deserves a fine Haitian rum to match. The mellow gravity of Rhum Barbancourt matches nicely with the peppery notes of the  cigar.

3. Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13 Year and PDR Small Batch Reserve Maduro

pdr small batch maduro

A full-bodied rye whisky aged in oak deserves an equally full-bodied cigar. The  Small Batch Maduro highlights earth, wood, fruit, and spice, which complements the complex sweetness of rye whiskey.

4. Chateau de Pellehaut Tenareze Armagnac and Gurkha Cellar Reserva Platinum

Armagnac refers to a brandy produced only in a certain region of France, in the traditional method. This Armagnac has a distinct plum, grape and pear nose. It pairs well with the medium bodied chocolate notes of  Gurkha Cellar Reserva Platinum

The Gurkha Platinum Edition uses an Ecuadoran wrapper, binders and fillers from Nicaraguan that have been aged for up to 12 years. The flavor profile is medium! 

5. Boulard Calvados and Padron Damaso No. 8

padron damasoSweet, mild apple brandy deserves an equally mellow Padron Damaso No. 8 cigar. Enjoy the mild spice, cedar, and creaminess with sips of brandy. With a 89+ ratings the Damaso line comes to mitigate the emptiness for a milder flavor smoke on the Padron Line! Yet, a lot of flavors and an interesting smoking profile. This Nicaraguan puro are a jewelry smoke!

6. Arette Anejo Tequila and Rocky Patel Vintage Series 1999

rocky patel vintage 1999

World Tequila Ambassador Julio Bermejo recommends the fruity and vanilla spiced Arette Anejo as a beginner sipping tequila. Paired with a nutty and buttery Rocky Patel Vintage 1999, the combination is near perfection.

Ready to Start Your Flavor Journey?

Matching cigars and spirits is a matter of taste, your own palate being primary. Let our list be a guideline, not a rulebook.

Contact us to learn more about the best-flavored cigars for your palate. We are happy to help you find a perfect match.