Cigar Stores: A History of JRE Tobacco

Cigar Stores: A History of JRE Tobacco

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jun 06, 2022

The American government estimates that upwards of 8.6 million U.S. adults smoke cigars to this day. This luxury item is such a rare gift that specialist cigar stores exist to this day and truly fantastic brands are a wonderful find. Do you know the stories of where some of these cigar brands came from, and what makes them special?

Sharing the story of your tobacco's origin is crucial. Let us introduce you to Justo R Eiroa and JRE Tobacco, where it all started. Discover what they offer today, and by the end, you'll be left wondering, "Where can I find a cigar store near me?" Don't worry, we're here to assist you in finding the perfect spot..

Aladino Authentic Corojo
Immerse yourself in the sheer delight of this intricately crafted handmade cigar, meticulously curated for those who appreciate medium-strength indulgence. While not originating from Cuba, it encapsulates the essence of Justo R Eiroa's Cuban heritage. Indulge in the forbidden opulence and surrender to the allure and richness of this exceptional smoking experience.

Aladino Cameroon
The JRE Aladino Cameroon cigar exudes exceptional craftsmanship, synonymous with all Aladinos. While numerous Cameroon cigars offer a unique sweetness, this one distinguishes itself. It elegantly harmonizes this sweetness with a myriad of local flavors, resulting in an exquisite and robust smoking experience that truly captivates..

Aladino Connecticut
Experience exquisite craftsmanship of the Aladino Connecticut, a medium-bodied cigar with meticulous attention to detail. Indulge in its velvety texture, enthralling aroma, and subtle notes reminiscent of polished wood and delectable baked dough. Discover a truly captivating smoking experience that delights the senses..

Aladino Maduro
When acquiring a cigar, it is pivotal to guarantee an investment in a product of unparalleled quality. This medium-to-full-bodied cigar seamlessly meets this criterion, catering to the refined taste of a seasoned cigar connoisseur. Indulge in the exquisite amalgamation of cocoa and coffee flavors, elegantly accompanied by delightful peppery undertones. Experience a truly captivating sensory journey.

Aladino Vintage Habano
When it comes to buying cigars, it's crucial not to settle for a cheap option. Luckily, with JRE cigars, you'll never have to compromise. The impeccable finish and remarkable flavors of their products are consistently praised. These cigars beautifully embody the essence of natural tobaccos, with hints of orange rind, red peppers, and an intriguing blend of spices that delights the palate..

Aladino Corojo Reserva
Introducing the exquisite, super-premium Handmade Cigars from JRE Tobacco. Immerse yourself in the true essence of 100% Authentic Corojo, meticulously aged to perfection using the finest Corona Tobacco Leaves and the highest primings tobacco cuts. Prepare to indulge in the epitome of quality smokes that will elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

Tatascan Habano
Among cigars discovered in Florida, this particular one leaned towards the milder end of the spectrum. However, as I indulged in its rich flavors, the strength gradually made its presence known. The enticing combination of sugary sweetness and woody undertones appeals to connoisseurs. Additionally, the expert construction of this cigar allows for a leisurely exploration of its shape, providing a truly immersive experience.

Tatascan Connecticut
This medium-strength cigar offers an exceptionally smooth smoking experience. It delights the palate with subtle and gentle flavors that seamlessly meld together, creating a soothing sensation. Tatascan Connecticut is widely regarded as the ultimate choice for those new to the world of cigars.

Rancho Luna Grandes
With a delightful flavor and an appealing price point, the Rancho Luna Grandes cigars never fail to impress. As generously sized gems, they offer an abundance of enjoyment. These exquisite and affordable premium smokes are the epitome of luxury with a touch of trendy allure.

Rancho Luna Habano
Temp. Currently undergoing rebranding. If we were to characterize a cigar as a caramel latte, this would be the one. It encompasses notes of coffee, cream, spices, and vanilla. With just a single inhalation, you can transport yourself back to the delightful tastes of childhood. A medium-bodied cigar that is both flavorful and affordable..

Rancho Luna Maduro
Temp unavailable. Currently undergoing rebranding. This cigar offered a bold combination of white chocolate and black pepper flavors. Its medium-to-strong profile struck a perfect balance, showcasing its true value. Hailed with a stellar 91 rating from Cigars and Spirits, these handcrafted cigars deliver an affordable and delightful smoking experience..

The Story of JRE Tobacco Cigar Stores

The tale of JRE Tobaccos chronicles the remarkable journey of Julia R. Eiroa, a man whose unwavering determination has propelled him towards success. From Cuba to the United States and beyond, his enduring legacy ensures that you can experience the pleasure of holding the perfect cigar in your hand.

Justo R Eiroa

Born in the year 1938, this man hails from the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio. Growing up amidst the tumultuous times of the 50s revolution, his fate did not permit him to witness its outcome. Two years prior to the revolution's inception, Eiroa escaped the country, eventually finding harbor in the sanctuary of Florida. It was here that he embarked on his path of education, laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

Learning the Trade

During his time in the United States, he began establishing valuable connections. Among the initial groups he fostered relationships with were the Oliva family, esteemed tobacco growers, and the reputable Perfecto Garcia cigar company. This enabled him to acquire a profound comprehension of the intricate manufacturing process involved in tobacco products.

Following the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion, he shifted his focus towards establishing a tobacco empire beyond Cuba. Acquiring farmlands from the Honduran government, he embarked on a new journey as a tobacco farmer. Today, this endeavor is known as Aladino and the JRE Tobacco Farm..

Candela Wrappers

His success in the tobacco trade was unquestionable, but it was his unwavering commitment to crafting Candela wrappers that truly propelled him forward. Gradually, however, he not only expanded production, but also embarked on a path of industry transformation. Regarded as an ingenious inventor, he introduced numerous groundbreaking concepts that continue to shape tobacco factories in the present day..

He conceived the concept of a "tobacco wheel" - a device that remains in use today to preserve the humidity and dryness of tobacco leaves, alleviating the workers' burden of manual labor. This innovation accelerated the production process and earned him a formidable reputation..

The Plane Crash

In the late 1970s, Eiroa was involved in a tragic airplane crash, resulting in severe injuries. Even now, he continues to live with the effects of partial paralysis, and for nearly a year, he was unable to visit his tobacco farms.

During that period, he shifted his attention to the entrepreneurial aspects of his endeavors instead of directly managing the agricultural operations. He invested in shares of a cigar factory that had previously sourced his tobacco. As a consequence, he gained complete ownership over the entire production process, spanning from cultivation to the shipment of cigars..

The cigar store was the only thing he did not possess..

What JRE Tobacco Offers Now

Nowadays, the finest online cigar stores feature JRE Tobacco products, renowned for their "crop-to-shop" production line. With deep roots in the industry, JRE Tobacco offers an exceptional selection of premium products that are truly noteworthy..

Where Are Cigar Stores Near Me?

Having grasped the information shared earlier, you might be pondering a particular query: "Where can I find cigar stores near me?" Fortunately, the finest cigar store in Florida not only has a physical location conveniently situated by the roadside but is also available online for your utmost convenience.

Our team of cigar aficionados is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to discuss the diverse array of cigars available. We are committed to demonstrating that our cigar store can provide you with precisely what you are looking for, Waste no time—give us a call today and discover the exceptional offerings we have in store for you.

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