CAO Vision: The Best Limited Edition Cigars

CAO Vision: The Best Limited Edition Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 17, 2022

CAO Vision: The Best Limited Edition Cigars

Nothing beats a nice evening smoke, to unwind after a long day. If you love cigars or are looking to get into cigars, there are several options from all over the world. 

Cigars account for an $11.61 billion business in today's world. Getting to know the highest quality tobacco blends available, will make this hobby an exciting experience that you'll love. 

So here are some tips to get you going :

Let's dive into the CAO Vision or other excellent cigar options from CAO. 

CAO Vision

When you're interested in the best Nicaraguan cigars available, CAO vision is one of the top on the list. This is a signature offering from CAO that has been released consistently throughout the years, and the 2022 offering builds and improves on what has worked in the past. 

Nicaraguan tobacco is mixed with a leaf from Honduras to combine for a pleasing and relaxing smoke. It's a medium to full-bodied cigar that is excellent for novice and experienced cigar smokers alike. When you taste this cigar, you will experience notes of leather, coffee, herbs, and a variety of spices. 

The original version of CAO Vision was released in 2007, and it remains a staple that the company prides itself on. 

CAO Gold

There's a reason that the finest products are often adorned in gold ribbon and packaging. The CAO Gold is no different. This limited edition cigar features a blonde wrapper that was grown in Connecticut. It's a medium-bodied cigar that features earthy taste notes. 

You will notice hints of coffee, nuts, cocoa, leather, and pepper. Aside from the pretty appearance, it's an excellent cigar that you can pair with a nice, aged rum, or your morning espresso. You can enjoy it at any time of the day. 

CAO Colombia

The CAO Colombia offers you incredible smoke when you're looking to relax and unwind. As the name suggests, this cigar is blended from tobacco that grows in the beautiful warm, sunny weather of Colombia. You'll be able to enjoy it for a good time, as it burns slowly and gives you a smooth and enjoyable smoke. 

The wrapper design pays homage to the Colombian flag and color schemes. It's a mellow smoke that features taste notes of salt, nuts, sugar, and coffee. In terms of drink pairings, the CAO Colombia goes well with a nice  Port or a latte. 

CAO Maduro

When you're on the hunt for one of the best cigars under $20, the CAO Maduro is exactly what you're looking for. it's a full-bodied cigar that burns slowly and packs lots of flavors. The tobacco comes from soil and sunshine in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and features a binder that's made in Ecuador. 

It's a cigar that you will appreciate by itself, or with drink pairings such as stouts, and different types of whiskey and bourbon. The Maduro features toasty, rich taste notes of rich chocolate, nuts, and pepper. 


Lovers of nature will appreciate the CAO OSA Sol cigar. It's an absolutely stunning beauty of a cigar, featuring a green wrapper and an impeccably crafted box. 

The tobacco is richly grown and cultivated thanks to months of rain and sunshine. It's one of the strongest cigars in a class of medium offerings but is gentle enough for people who are brand new to cigars. This cigar has taste notes of woody cedar, pepper, spice, and sugar. 

If you are interested in pairing this stick with a nice beverage, consider a glass of Pinot or a brown ale. 


The pitch-black and silver wrapper tips you off to the type of experience you're going to have with this offering. The CAO Mx2 is a medium to full-bodied stick that has a Brazilian binder and tobacco cultivated in Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. 

It is a cigar that you can easily pair with a nice   Rye whiskey. You will notice sweet taste notes, along with hints of pepper and spice. 

CAO Brazilia

As the name suggests, this is a cigar featuring a wrapper manufactured in Brazil. It features the rich green and gold colors of the Brazilian flag, along with a solid, beautiful brown binder. 

The tobacco is medium to full-bodied, and it will provide taste notes that are nutty, toasty, earthy, and floral. This cigar is also one of the most popular, as it comes in a variety of sizes, such as 3.5 inches, 4.25 inches, 5 inches, and 6.25 inches. Some of the drink pairings that you might like for this cigar include a Rye whiskey and an India Pale Ale (IPA) beer. 

The CAO Experience

As you can see, there are plenty of cigar offerings that CAO can provide for you. Some other top-level options that you might consider include:

  • CAO Cherrybomb
  • CAO Gold Honey
  • CAO Firewalker
  • CAO Consigliere
  • CAO America
  • CAO Steel Horse
  • CAO Flathead V19

Whether you want hand-rolled or machine-rolled cigars, take the time to look for the best option available. You can buy them individually or by the box and might enjoy a sampler pack to see which you like the most. 

The Best CAO Vision Cigars

The tips in this article are worthwhile if you're a cigar aficionado looking to enjoy some of the highest-quality tobacco available. CAO Vision is a manufacturer that cultivates excellent blends of tobacco that cigar smokers all over appreciate. 

If you're ready to learn more about CAO Vision cigars and what they offer, take the time to contact us online for more information.