CAO Arcana Mortal Coil: Tasting Notes

CAO Arcana Mortal Coil: Tasting Notes

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 12, 2022

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The cigar industry is currently worth more than 11 billion USD, and it is only expected to grow from there. This may not be too surprising since cigars are quite sought-after and valued, especially limited edition  and rare cigars. CAO Arcana Mortal Coil may be one of the best cigars currently on the market, but what is so special about this particular brand and label?

Why should  try this cigar, and, furthermore , what kind of tasting notes does this cigar have? Keep reading and learn more about the CAO Arcana Mortal Coil Limited Edition cigars.

What You Need To Know About CAO Arcana Mortal Coil Cigars

The first thing you should know about these cigars is that they are limited edition, meaning that small number of boxes will ever be produced.  So if you don't want to miss out, it is important to get yourself a box before they're all sold out and gone forever.

This cigar is unique for a variety of reasons, and it all starts with the filler. The filler of this cigar consists of a special type of Andullo Dominican tobacco. The curing process for this tobacco is particularly unique since the tobacco is cured by being wrapped in the seed of a palm pod. Keeping the tobacco under this kind of pressure will change the structure of the tobacco itself , until it is a very dense and potent cylinder. 

This special curing process ensures that the inside of the cigar has a flavor and texture that is unlike most other cigars, the wrapper of the cigar consists of very high-quality Connecticut broadleaf tobacco.This particular type of tobacco is very dark and even a bit oily, thus contributing even more to enriched the whole flavor and texture of the stick. 

In addition to the Andullo tobacco comprising the cigar's filler, you can also find several other unique types of tobacco, such as Dominican Piloto , and the Jamastran tobacco.

The Details

The smoke experience is not overpowering or confusing. Instead, it is all artfully put together. While the different tobacco types do have many different flavors, they all come together as soon as you light the cigar. This is the mark of a truly good smoke.

No matter how different te blend of tobacco is, a good cigar should always be able to harmonize all of them. Expressing the wisdom of the "Master Blender".

The dimensions of the cigar is 6" 1/8, the gauge is 50, and it has a toro shape. This is a relatively average size for a cigar. The smoke ride is good for begginers as for the experience aficionado.

But what about the flavor?

The Tasting Notes

You will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor of this cigar , it is quite versatile and memorable. It is quite a full-bodied cigar. 

While it isn't necessarily on par with the strongest in the market,  certainly has a punch that you should be wary of, especially if you're usually accustomed to smoking milder cigars. This is a savory one. Many that have tried it, suggest that it has a sense of spices. 

Notes of black pepper are particularly strong, and you will have to mind this flavor sine could activate your nostrils. As long as you take your time when smoking this cigar, you should be able to enjoy the nuances of the spicy flavors that this cigar has to offer. 

What to Know

It does have a softer side to balance out the overall flavor. In particular, after you get past these initially bold flavors, you will find that the cigar also has some sweeter notes. The taste of cocoa is especially apparent and complements the earthy and savory tastes of the cigar quite well. 

There are also faint hints of dried fruit and even a bit of cream thrown in. You can explore all of these flavors best when you take your time smoking the cigar for a while. 

For some , smoothing the smoking experience with an equalizer drink such as a Spanish brandy or a French cognac is a good idea. 

All About CAO Arcana Mortal Coil

If you want to try a unique, limited-edition cigar, then you certainly shouldn't pass up CAO Arcana Mortal Coil. This cigar consists of a blend of different types of tobacco and the flavors it has to offer are savory yet sweet. While it is quite a strong cigar, it is very enjoyable as long as you take your time when smoking it. 

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