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Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 15, 2015

This is not an exact science nor you need to agree. It is only our thinking and in all the years we have been working in our retail store, this concept has worked. So, just test it yourself. 

It don't matter if you are new to cigar smoking or and experimented one. There is always a way to know which cigars are your willing to try and which ones you want to stay away from. And that is by knowing your drinking and feeding habits. Simple as that. Cigars flavor and strength comes to us true the mouth and the nose, same way as food and drinks. We taste the flavour thru the mouth and the smell give us the rest of the information we need. Some experience smokers pass the smoke thru the nose to test the strength but I actually don't recommend for you to do so. At the end of the day, the best of cigar smoking the fact that you can enjoy without inhaling the smoke. 

This is particularly handy to the newly cigar smoking.  You can use this chart to help yourself every step of the way. One of the key elements to understand is the strength of a cigar before you make a buy. We have ours categorized from mild to full bodied. Your palate is sure to grow as you engage in your cigar smoking journey with us. Your palate is as unique as you are, allow it to flourish! The pairing of cigars with spirits, the ambiance, and the company will add to your overall experience. Cigars are a work of art with many layers of complexity from start to finish. We will give you some initial thoughts to help you in deciding the strength of cigar you may want to enjoy. If you are someone who enjoys scotch or bourbon, we suggest you try a medium bodied cigar. The reason being that you have a deeper developed palate than those that do not drink stronger spirits. If you enjoy a glass of white or a delicate red, we would suggest you start with mild cigar. Do not be afraid to try multiple brands, each one is as unique as you are. Remember, every individual has a different palate. Once you become an avid cigar smoker, you may want to experiment with a mild smoke in the morning to allow your body and palate to build and consider a medium bodied cigar in the afternoon and then perhaps finish with a full bodied. To help you along, we created a chart that has helped many of Cuenca's friends throughout the years to help you select cigars and cigar strenths that would closely match your palate. How to buy cigars online by strength based on eating and drinking habits:

Mild Fish or Chicken Traditional Beers, White Wines

Mild to Medium Fish or Chicken Red Wine and even Beers in the category of Drafts.

Medium to full Red Meat Hard Liquor including Scotch or Whisky, Red Wine and even Beers in the category of Drafts.

Full Bodied Red Meat, Hard Liquor and exotic and dark beers

Any Strength will work for individuals that have an open spectrum of food and spirit depending on their mood