Brick House Cigars Review: Robust Flavor Worth Your Humidor?

Brick House Cigars Review: Robust Flavor Worth Your Humidor?

Posted by Ana Cuenca on May 04, 2024

Considering Brick House cigars for your collection? With origins rooted in 1937, these cigars are renowned for their full-bodied flavor and reliable quality. This article cuts straight to the core, offering insight into the varied Brick House selections, from the bold Maduro to the mellow Double Connecticut, and tips on proper storage for the ideal experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Brick House cigars represent a blend of tradition and innovation, with origins tracing back to 1937 and a revival in 2009 using quality Nicaraguan tobaccos that honor the founder’s vision.
  • The brand offers a diverse lineup, including the full-bodied Maduro with Brazillian Arapiraca wrapper, and the mellow yet spicy Double Connecticut, each with a unique flavor profile to cater to different palates.
  • Purchasing authentic Brick House cigars is accessible both online and in shops, but true enjoyment requires proper storage in a humidor to maintain their distinctive flavor and freshness.

Exploring the Brick House Brand

Illustration of vintage cigar brand

Originating in 1937, the Brick House brand draws its strength from tradition. Julius Caeser Newman selected the name in homage to his childhood home in Hungary, symbolizing stability and warmth. After its reintroduction in 2009, the brand underwent a revival, proving that some treasures truly improve over time.

The revival aimed to breathe new life into the legacy and assure the delivery of uncompromised Brick House quality, worthy of the original founders’ pride.

The Legacy of Julius Caeser Newman

The Newman cigar company began with a dream and a humble Cleveland workshop in 1895. Julius Caeser Newman, a name now synonymous with premium cigars, built an empire that would endure the storms of changing markets and tastes.

The Brick House brand, with its evocative brick house label design, is a nod to the past, inspired by Newman’s own original brick house childhood home—a testament to the family’s commitment to heritage and quality.

Reviving the Brick House Name

After lying dormant for decades, Eric and Bobby Newman, grandsons of the original founder, sparked the Brick House brand back to life. They understood that keeping the Brick House legacy alive required a fusion of tradition and innovation to honor their grandfather’s vision.

So, in 2009, they chose Nicaraguan tobaccos to reinvent the brand, earning the title of Best Bargain Cigar of that year by Cigar Aficionado—a testament to the brand’s resurgence and the Newmans’ dedication to quality.

Brick House in Today's Market

Today, the Brick House brand stands tall in the market, with a portfolio that boasts a variety of blends, satisfying a broad range of palates. The harmonious blend of Ecuador Habano and Brazilian Maduro wrappers, along with Nicaraguan fillers, guarantees a diverse and complex smoking experience unique to Brick House cigars.

The brand has become a cornerstone in the cigar community, a beacon for those seeking quality and authenticity in their smoke.

The Maduro Marvel: Brick House Maduro

Artistic depiction of a dark Maduro cigar

Enter the Brick House Maduro, a shining star in the pantheon of house cigars. This great cigar is enveloped in a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, a cloak that imparts a dark, mysterious edge to its appearance and taste. Its full-bodied flavor profile, marked by chocolate and cedar notes, makes it a premium cigar that stands out in even the most discerning smoker’s humidor.

Wrapper, Binder, and Filler Breakdown

The Brick House Maduro’s composition is a masterful blend of elements, each contributing significantly to its unique flavor. The Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper is the star, delivering the robust taste that defines the Maduro line.

Beneath this dark exterior lies a Nicaraguan binder and fillers, adding depth and complexity to the blend, ensuring every smoke is a memorable event.

Tasting Notes and Pairings

Sampling the Brick House Maduro takes you on an audacious journey of flavor discovery. Here are the tasting notes:

  • Notes of black pepper and earthiness lead the charge, with mineral undertones creating a rich tapestry of taste.
  • As you delve deeper into the smoke, leather, coffee, and dark chocolate emerge.
  • The cigar offers a medium-strong strength and medium-full body that’s simply unforgettable.

Pair this great cigar with a creamy cappuccino or a robust porter beer, and you’ll find a harmony that heightens every nuance of its flavor.

The Maduro Experience

Cigar connoisseurs appreciate the Brick House Maduro for its enticing tour through a realm of rich, savory flavors. The interplay of sour and bitter notes, coupled with chocolate malt and cedar, makes for a relaxing smoke that’s packed with satisfying complexity.

Indeed, the Maduro experience is akin to savoring a well-cooked brisket, with flavors that linger and invite you back for more.

A Connecticut Classic: Brick House Double Connecticut

Illustration of Connecticut Shade wrapper and Broadleaf binder

Honoring tradition while incorporating a modern twist, the Brick House Double Connecticut strikes a fascinating balance. Its features include:

  • Genuine Connecticut Shade wrapper
  • Connecticut Broadleaf binder
  • Mellow yet spicy profile
  • Warm toasty experience from the first draw to the last
  • Medium-strength cigar
  • Suitable companion for both special occasions and everyday pleasures

Construction and Craftsmanship

The meticulous construction of the Double Connecticut reflects Brick House’s unwavering dedication to tradition and innovation. The Churchill size, Nicaraguan filler, and authentic Connecticut-grown tobaccos come together in a dance of craftsmanship and authenticity.

The partnerships with the Thrall and Foster families highlight the importance of community and heritage in the creation of these cigars, which only enhance the Brick House flavor experience.

Flavor Journey of the Double Connecticut

The flavor expedition of the Double Connecticut presents a diverse palate, blending notes of:

  • vanilla
  • caramel
  • cinnamon
  • honey

into a smooth yet intricate profile. The emergence of nutty notes and the interplay of earth and spice speak to the cigar’s ability to continuously surprise and delight the smoker, revealing new nuances with every puff.

Why Choose Double Connecticut?

The Brick House Double Connecticut is an excellent value cigar that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. Its features include:

  • Effortless draw
  • Consistent burn
  • Reliable choice for those seeking a pleasurable smoke
  • Suitable for unwinding after a long day or celebrating life’s milestones

The Double Connecticut stands ready to enhance the moment.

Purchasing and Storing Your Brick House Cigars

Artistic representation of a men enjoying a Brick House Premium Cigars and a Cup of Coffee

The connoisseur’s journey entails not just finding, but also preserving the perfect Brick House cigar. With options to purchase both in-person and online, ensuring you get an authentic Brick House experience has never been easier.

And, to savor the essence of these premium cigars, proper storage in a humidor is a must, maintaining that just-rolled freshness and complexity.

Where to Buy Brick House Cigars

Regardless of whether your preference leans towards the ease of online shopping or the sensory experience of a local shop, Brick House cigars are available to match your buying preferences. To guarantee authenticity and quality, it’s recommended to buy through the company’s official website or authorized dealers, ensuring that you receive only Brick House perfection every time.

Getting the Best Deal

Informed buyers are aware that attractive deals on Brick House cigars frequently appear in the form of special offers and box deals. Keep an eye out for promotions from the Newman Cigar Company and reputable online stores like Cuenca Cigars to secure these premium cigars at a price that’s as attractive as their flavor.

Humidor Tips for Optimal Enjoyment

Proper humidor maintenance is essential for relishing your Brick House cigars at their absolute best. A well-constructed humidor with a tight seal, a hygrometer, and a humidifier is essential for regulating the perfect humidity level.

Use distilled water or Activation Solution to maintain a consistent environment, and regularly check your hygrometer to ensure your cigars are resting at an ideal 70°F and 70% humidity.


As we’ve explored, Brick House cigars offer more than just a smoke; they provide a journey through history, flavor, and craftsmanship. Whether you’re drawn to the robust Brick House Maduro, the mellow Double Connecticut, or somewhere in between, there’s a Brick House cigar to match your palate and your humidor. With the right purchasing strategies and storage techniques, you can enjoy these cigars at their finest, experiencing the legacy that Julius Caeser Newman began over a century ago.

What inspired the name of the Brick House brand?

The Brick House brand was inspired by Julius Caeser Newman's childhood home in Hungary, reflecting the brand's personal legacy and heritage.

What makes the Brick House Maduro stand out in flavor?

The Brick House Maduro stands out in flavor due to its Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, which adds rich chocolate and cedar notes, making it a full-bodied and distinctive smoke. Enjoy!

How does the Brick House Double Connecticut differ from other cigars?

The Brick House Double Connecticut differs from other cigars with its mellow yet spicy flavor profile, attributed to its unique combination of Connecticut Shade wrapper and Connecticut Broadleaf binder. It provides a smooth and toasty smoking experience.

Where can I purchase authentic Brick House cigars?

You can purchase authentic Brick House cigars from the official company website, authorized dealers as Cuenca Cigars, and various online retailers. Try checking their official website or trusted online stores!

How should I store my Brick House cigars to maintain their quality?

To maintain the quality of your Brick House cigars, store them in a humidor with 68-72% humidity and a temperature of 68-72°F, using distilled water or Activation Solution as needed. Keep them well-prepped and ready for enjoyment!