Best Holiday Shopping tips from your friends at Cuenca's

Best Holiday Shopping tips from your friends at Cuenca's

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Nov 23, 2015

The holidays are just around the corner, and here at  Cuenca Cigars, we’re ready for them! This holiday shopping season, you can enjoy one of our fantastic events or take advantage of our holiday deals.


Thanksgiving celebration at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida

Our calendar starts off this week, with Thanksgiving Day. As always, Cuenca Cigars is open for business and open for fun on Thanksgiving. Come by for dinner, and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with us. All of our customers are our family, so we’d love to spend the holiday with you. Feel free to bring your own dishes to dinner and share a delicious meal with friends. Best of all, you can finish off your meal with a holiday cigar.


Black Friday celebration at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida

Black Friday is a day of dread for some. Take a look at any Black Friday shopping statistics- things can get pretty crazy in the stores. Make Black Friday easier on yourself and follow these two great Black Friday shopping tips: Avoid the crazy lines of big stores, and get the knowledge of Cuenca’s experienced staff in person.

Shop at Cuenca Cigars on Black Friday from 7 am to 12 pm, and everything is 25% off (in-store only)

It’s more fun than Black Friday online shopping, and much less stressful than going to the big stores. We’ll even have breakfast! You can enjoy some delicious pastelitos and make the most of shopping with us. Since the event is In Store Only, we have included our Wine Selection, Beer and Ports in the 25% Discount. So get everything you need here for the festivities. Our Price Point in Wines and Beers are simply the best and with the 25% discount there is nothing to envy from the big stores and we have Plus Quality Selection. 

Many of our customers look forward to this day. In fact, they wait all year for our Black Friday deals. If a certain rare cigar has caught your eye, get it on Black Friday for a very affordable price. Don’t miss out on these great Black Friday deals. Come in before noon and shop our cigar selection.

Do you know one of the best holiday shopping tips? Shop Cuenca Cigars! Whether you love cigars or you know someone who does, you can shop Cuenca Cigars for the best online prices of cigars. This holiday shopping season, get the perfect gift for a cigar lover by shopping our website or simply get a  Gift Certificate and gift it to your friend or family.


Cyber Monday at

On our website on Cyber Monday, you get 10% off our products. Use Coupon CYBERMONDAY10. That’s a discount on already discounted cigars. There are only a few exceptions (due to manufacturers restrictions), so check our list of excluded brands. There is a minimum purchase of $49.99, I think is fear enoug! 

Throughout the holidays, we will be open regular business hours. Take a break from the stress and enjoy a cigar at our store. Or, you can shop for the perfect holiday gift any time on our website.

Enjoy your holiday shopping season this year, and make the most of the holidays. Cuenca Cigars wishes you Happy Holidays, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!