Best 10 Cigars of the Year @ Cuenca Cigars

Best 10 Cigars of the Year @ Cuenca Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 19, 2013

Best 10 Cigars of the Year @ Cuenca Cigars

December 1 at 7:00pm - Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 2:30pm

Online Contest - Anyone can participate!

No need to be here!

This is an event for all the Cigar Lovers. All you have to do is guess and research.

This is how it works:

1- you should be a Fan of the Cuenca Cigars Cafe fan page!
2- you must have at least 10 Comments/Likes in pictures or events. We will search that part. The comments/Likes must be from the time frame of the event, not from the past. So all you need to do is look around the page and check to make sure we know you where there. If at the end, the Winners are too tight, we will choose Comments over likes.... be nice though! LOL

3. You must email us a List of what you consider the Best 10 Cigars of the Year at

Please do not publish the list on here, email it back to me at If you publish the list in here you will be automically disqualified.

4. Also you must have smoked at least one of the cigars and then write a review about it! The cigar you choose to smoke and review must be on your list of the Best 10 Cigars of the year.

Pictures are not a must but they will be very welcome!

We will Free Ship anywhere in the US and if you which to participate and lives outside US you will have to pay any duties and/or shipping charges.

Who wins? The most accurate list compare to "Cuenca Cigars Best 10 Cigars of the Year", that follow the comments and review rules!

The winner will be chosen by a Jury compound of Cuenca Cigars Customers and Employees! At least 10 People will be there to decide the winner!

The Prizes will be as follows:

The Prizes are to be Released later this Year but I assure you all are great ones!

1st Prize: To be released later this year
2nd Prize: To be released later this year
3rd Prize: To be released later this year

Winners will be published on our Cuenca Cigars Cafe fan Page and the review will be published in our blog! We will use our knolwdge and taste of cigars. We will choose a Panel to take the decision. Look for updates and future disclousers.

Hurry up. There is not much time! I know there is some work that needs to be done but the prizes are worth the try! Good luck to everyone!

This Event is being promoted by: to be realised later this year!

Also if you want to be part of our Panel that choose the winners feel free to email us at with a small resume saying why you should be considered as a panelist!

You must be 21 years older to participate