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Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 19, 2013

"NAKED BEAUTY"by John Gillan and"601 La Bomba"by EO Brand was the perfect match for an unforgettable evening at Cuenca Cigars. Erick Espinoza from EO Brand, pre releases his new "601 La Bomba" while John Gillan presented to the public for the first time at Cuenca's Cigars his collection. The event was one of the most exiting presentations in Downtown Hollywood Florida. Over a 100 people say yes and came down to visit us.

That night our customers had the opportunity to recreate themselves in the beauty and tasteful view of John Gillan naked photography. At least 4 people took home a precious copy signed by the author. Also book signing and personal talking with the artist took place that night.

(i want to tell here when this exhibit was presented for the first time, how long it took John to developed it and some how tell people that John uses regular women, I want to tell people that the models were not movie starts but mothers and that is not a problem thought. I would like to un tobbu the nudes a little bit....) let me know if you understand my point...


John Gillan in most personal talking, explains to us how he started to build his collection in the mid 1980's and spans three decades until it was finally umbels for the public. He want to recreate the women beauty but specially loking forward to most common people. He target a group of friends, working womens and mothers for this exhibit. There a pure vision of a the beauty is this exhibit, he says.


The images were captured on location all over the United States in formats ranging from 35 mm to 4x5 film and 35mm digital to 4x5 pinhole.

A portion of the work can be viewed at:

The cigar, "La Bomba" is due to arrive for distribution into the United States next May 11, 2011. The pre-release into the US was at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida last April 29Th, 2011. Cigar was presented individually and in a 5 Cigar Pack available with purchase of any EO Brand Box. Erick Espinosa had the opportunity to introduce this cigar to our loyal clientele, a talking with one of the man behind the brand was a most expected and enjoyed part of the event. Much expectation has been created around this company after they recently merged with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. Rocky Patel is one of the leading manufacturers of cigars who has created a company that has out shined even those created by multimillion dollar corporations, and they are doing it one customer at a time.

Erick Espinoza and Eddie Ortega are very enthusiastic about the introduction of this new cigar. This will set the stage for new and more complex palates. Everybody that came down to Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood and has La Bomba had a great impression and enjoyed this beautiful smoke. After tasting this exquisite full body cigar, everybody have the answer to all their questions and then they enjoyed the presentation of Art and Cigars: "NAKED BEAUTY" a tasteful nude photographs by John Gillan.

This was one of a kind presentation.

I want to give a special thanks to Donn Werrbach for putting together an amazing video, also to the…(put the name of the two photographers that took pictures that night

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