Upcoming Events | April 2011 | Cigar Sales

Upcoming Events | April 2011 | Cigar Sales

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Jul 19, 2013

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Next April 29 2011, EO Brand will be pre-releasing their new cigar called "La Bomba" at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood, Florida. Espinosa and Ortega release this new cigar as their full Body blend to reaffirm them once again as one of the youngest and highly talented cigars manufactures currently in the market place.

The cigar, “La Bomba” is due to arrive for distribution into the United States on or about end... of May 11, 2011. The pre-release into the US will be at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, Florida this coming April 29, 2011. Cigar will be presented individually and in a 5 Cigar Pack available with purchase of any EO Brand Box.

Much expectation has been created around this company after they recently merged with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. Rocky Patel is one of the leading manufacturers of cigars who has created a company that has out shined even those created by multimillion dollar corporations, and they are doing it one customer at a time.

Erick Espinosa and Eddie Ortega are very enthusiastic about the introduction of this new cigar. This will set the stage for new and more complex palates. Want know if La Bomba was made for you? Ask a simple question: I am the man? (Or the women?). If so, then come down to Hollywood, Florida and have La Bomba take over you. After tasting this exquisite full body cigar, you will have an answer to all your questions......

Cuenca Cigars will be running a special discount both in the store and online on their full line of EO brand cigars. There will be in-store raffles and prizes. If you purchase a box of “La Bomba”, Cuenca Cigars will be giving you a five (5) pack “La Bomba” cigar and a T-shirt.

Want know more? Stay until the end and enjoy the "Art and Cigars: “NAKED BEAUTY" tasteful nude photographs by John Gillan. This is going to be one of a kind presentation and fulfilled with nude tasteful beauty!

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