A Premium Limited Edition Cigar: Avo Classic Covers Vol. II

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Mar 20, 2016

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When the AVO Improvisation Series was launched, the goal behind this release was to take inspiration from all of the other and previous AVO cigars and regenerate and form a new brand. That's how the new AVO Classic Covers Vol. II came to live. The cigar was launched as part of the AVO Classic Covers line, a branch of the Improvisation Series that was inspired by AVO Uvezian, the famous music composer.

The AVO Classic Covers with the new release: Vol. II cigar takes a closer look at the line AVO Heritage in a musical way, like one musician might cover another musician’s song. Taking bits and pieces of the well known of AVO The Heritage, the AVO Classic Covers Vol. II cigar builds on the original. The cigar uses combined tobaccos from Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Dominican all wrapped in the so called Marron 702 that is imported from the Ecuador and its know by its powerful flavor.

The medium to full-bodied AVO Classic Covers in its new Vol. II lives up to its name well. Although it is reminiscent of the AVO Heritage cigar line, it is different from the original in a good way.

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