6 Tips for Buying Handmade Cigars

6 Tips for Buying Handmade Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 12, 2022

6 Tips for Buying Handmade Cigars

If you've investigated cigars, you probably saw discussions about handmade cigars. But, do you know the differences between a machine-made and handmade cigar? 

Machine-made cigars usually use lower-quality tobacco. Moreover, they also contain paper, preservatives, and many other chemicals. These factors make machine-made cigars less healthy than handmade products. 

These additional ingredients also make machine-made cigars a lower quality product than handmade cigars. Fortunately, handmade cigars provide a better taste and fewer contaminants.

If you're new to buying cigars, we recommend finding handmade cigars. But, you may not know the best way to buy cigars. 

If so, don't worry! We'll give you six cigar buying tips in this guide below. Let's get started right away!

1. Consider Handmade Cigars' Bodies

Do you have a favorite type of alcohol or coffee? Maybe you prefer lighter-tasting drinks to help you relax. Or, perhaps you enjoy a more intense taste to keep you wired. 

These tastes can help you pinpoint what cigars to try. Like alcohol and coffee, cigars have different bodies and flavor palettes. 

Usually, experts describe cigar tastes as light or dark. Lighter cigars have a mellow flavor, while dark cigars have an intense flavor. Many cigars exist in varying degrees along this spectrum. 

Most people try out different cigars to find their taste preferences. However, many people's cigar tastes mirror their beer preferences. 

You may not be the biggest beer drinker in the world. If so, that's okay! You can always buy a cigar sampler pack to try out different cigar flavors. 

2. What Size Cigar Do You Like?

The next step is to consider the size of your preferred cigar. The first thing to note is that size won't affect a cigar's taste. Large and small cigars often share identical flavors. Unless you have a very sophisticated palette and in that case, you will notice the differences. For the most part, It won't be of significance.

That said, many people find some cigar sizes more comfortable than others. You can measure a cigar either by its length or its width.

Manufacturers measure a cigar's length in inches. However, its width comes in ring gauges. 

You'll find gauges listed by 64ths of an inch. For example, a 20-ring gauge is 20/64ths. 

Most cigar listings include both the length and width measurements of the cigar. But, you may wonder why this matters. 

Cigar lengths determine how long you can smoke. Longer cigars take more time to smoke. 

For example, the average six-inch cigar takes an hour to smoke. The ring gauge measures the wrapper leaf, which balances with the filler leaf to create the cigar's flavor. Most cigar smokers prefer a wrapper leaf proportionate to the filler leaf's size. 

3. Where to Cut a Cigar

When buying a cigar, you'll notice that it can come in several shapes. However, those shapes fall into two broad categories:

  • parejos
  • figurados

The classic cigar you've seen on television is the parejo. These cigars have one open end and another rounded end you'll need to cut. 

What do you use to cut a cigar? Most people rely on a cigar cutter, although different kinds exist. Although many prefer the guillotine cutter or the more trendy V Cut, some use cigar scissors instead. 

Most cigars fall into the parejo class. But, other cigars use the figurado design. Manufacturers often design these like bullets; their closed side usually comes to a fine point. 

Some smoking experts believe this point provides a more robust taste for the cigar. As a new smoker, we recommend trying it out to see how it feels. 

4. Find Handmade Cigars With Consistent Wrappers

The above features focus more on your cigar preference. However, none of those factors affect the quality of your cigar. 

Instead, you can use the following tips to identify a quality cigar. First, carefully inspect its wrapper. 

Cigar wrappers should run consistently across the cigar and cover its body completely. Ensure there are no gaps, tears, or cracks anywhere. 

These features dampen the cigar quality by letting air into the body. It could also cause some of your filler leaves to fall out. 

Instead, look for handmade cigars with spotless, smooth bodies. These marks indicate top-grade craftsmanship in the cigar, which will enhance your smoking experience. 

5. Does The Cigar Have a Single Color?

This question may seem silly, but cigars don't always have uniform colors. Cigars remain stored in humid environments, which can cause mold to develop on the wrappers.

So, inspect your cigar for splotches or dark spots. These can indicate mold or saturation in the body.

Mold can cause several health problems, so pay close attention to the body's appearance. However, don't overcorrect and buy a cigar that's too dry. 

When inspecting a cigar, squeeze it lightly. Some people squeeze cigars as bananas which is a bad practice and Cigar Store Owners will be firm against this practice. A cigar in good condition will feel firm but also provide some "give" consistent with its leaf body. 

Cigars that make cracking sounds or that feel too dry are low-quality options. These can prove too hot to smoke and devoid of flavor.

6. Smell the Cigar

People often notice that things taste as they smell. The same holds for cigars. 

You can learn much about what to anticipate from a cigar by smelling it. First, pick up the cigar and hold it a short distance from your nose. Then, take a whiff. 

Some sellers may wrap their cigars in plastic before you purchase them. If so, ask if you can smell the cigar as a sample. Most employees and managers will accommodate you on this. 

If you dislike the smell, avoid the cigar. There's a high likelihood you won't enjoy its taste, either. 

Find the Best Handmade Cigars Today

These tips can help you find a cigar that meets your preferences and quality standards. Before long, you can enjoy a long smoke with friends with the best-tasting cigar. 

All you have to do now is find a seller who carries the cigar you like. It's often best to look for brick-and-mortar stores for this. 

However, several online sellers provide quality handmade cigars, too. In fact, they often have a better selection!

If you don't believe that, check out our online store today! We offer several kinds of cigars to suit your preferences. 

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