​2017 NFL Sunday Ticket at Cuenca Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Oct 08, 2017

Cuenca Cigars presents NFL Sunday Ticket, Monday and Thursday Night Football as an ongoing event to be offered at our downtown Hollywood, Florida location. Montecristo lounge members enter for free! Non-members must pay a $20 entry fee, redeemable in merchandise including cigars and drinks.

We have 3 TV's in the Lounge, 1 TV at the retail store, 1 TV plus Big Screen in the Back Patio (we usually view the final game here, but we can also show regular season games here). We are expecting a TV for the Front Patio space (Coming Soon!).

We will be serving cold beers with a prices ranging from $4 (Domestic) to $5 - $9 (Imported and craft beers); full pay members take an additional 15% discount all year long. Beers and drinks will come accompanied by snacks during the Sunday event. Come over and check it out for yourself!

For the NFL Sunday Ticket, we will be offering $6 Mimosas and $3 Fresh Iced Limonade and other refreshing drinks.

If you are planning for a Sunday meet-up, Cuenca Cigars is sure to be your best choice. We provide a relaxing ambience and multiple spaces to choose from, with each one offering a different atmosphere. It’s like being in several places at once! Front / Back Patio or Lounge, pick one for your early or late NFL games. Don't forget to treat yourself with an excellent smoke! Ask Cuenca Cigars’ employees about new releases or for recommendations to suit your taste!

Our lounge has a newly installed air conditioning system, smoke exhaust, and smoke eaters!

Come on in and check it out for yourself. This is not the traditional, yet somehow solitary, Man Cave, but a fun way to enjoy your NFL Sunday Ticket in the friendly company of fellow cigar and football lovers! Girls are welcome!