Beer and Wine Available now at Cuenca Cigars

Jun 07, 2011

Our experience with cigars has been really interesting. I remember when we first started. We were a little disappointed with the size of the store and by talking to my friend Scott, he said, size does not always matter. You need to make of Cuenca Cigars a cigar boutique. And that made me feel a lot better. I picture in my mind a very cozy French restaurant with very limited tables and a line of people waiting outside to get in...... But, of course, we don't sell any food and we don't have any plan to do so and also, don't really want to make you all have to wait in line. So, stop hating me, but the sole vision we had, created a well conceived plan.

We are still trying to accomplish “A Cigar Boutique” and I think that now, the plan just got a little more..... complicated, but interesting. Initially our beer list will be everything my clientele has been mentioning to us. But the final idea is to bring many Craft Beers to our store. We want to learn about it. We want to start paring a very powerful beer with a full body cigar or an exotic wine with a medium body cigar. We want to put together the art of smoking with wining and beering***. We want to extend the cigar passion we have to a new and undiscoverable world.

We are open to recommendations. So far, there are a few blogs and cigars magazines that are very enthusiastic about beers and wines. I just read and article this month in Cigar Press that mentions a few craft beers that I would like to start with.

But, for now, and before we start learning,  we have brought some classic beers. For our upcoming events at Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood: Acid Cigars with Marvin Samel from Drew Estate we have already created a list. We believed that dark beers will always go good with cigars. Here it is, so far, our small selection for you: from Germany St. Pauli Girl non alcoholic, from The Netherlands of course, Heineken, from Belgium a beer like Stella, from Czechoslovakia we choose the Pilsner Urqueff, from England the New Castle Brown Ale and last but not less, from Ireland the Guinness Stout.

BEST DOWNTOWN HOTSPOT, by Hollywood Gazzette: Cuenca Cigars 

***I think I have just invented a new English word….


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