ArtWalk in Downtown Hollywood Cigars in Florida

Aug 23, 2011


Naples Invasion.

Most people don’t understand why Cuenca’s, and actually sometimes I catch myself giving it a second thought as well. When I’m able to visit a friend’s cigar shop, I realize how big, pretty and well stocked store they own vs. my little quaint store. Then, we receive visitors traveling from other states and also other countries, and I say to myself  “There must be something special about Cuenca Cigars”, and there is…. It is in fact: YOU!

Last week we celebrated Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk, and as usual it was a gratifying evening. Mr. John and his wife; Theresa Gillan, who have become our regular friends and artists were here to present “Smallwood and The Seminoles” for the last time before, the next exhibit opens on August 26. Our friends from Naples came again and this time Trombones’ where packed for the trip!

Our Naples friend, Mr. Lennart Caspersen and Oriente's a Balzola's Guitar; with a deep Afro-Cuban roots with Blues, Jazz and Brazilian influences merge together in an exiting and full of talent “Orchestra”.  Customers joined the musicians by singing and dancing throughout a harmonic evening. Everyone celebrated Art and the freedom to smoke great cigars.

Mr. Lennart Caspersen was born in Denmark, 20 years in the US, resides in Naples, FL. Coming from a very musical family he started playing the drums in his mid teens in Denmark, and has over the years played music styles like Jazz, Latin Jazz, Blues, Rock, R&B, Funk, Reggae and Country genres. His passion is Latin & Latin Jazz. He never misses a chance to hit the drums!

Also that night we welcomed Beverly and her husband from Beverly's Tropical Glass Design Studio; South Florida's Finest Art Glass, who enjoyed a fun-filled evening of food, shopping and the night life of Downtown Hollywood.

Pictures of this Event can be viewed online: