Acid Cigars feauturing Marvin Samel from Drew Estate

Acid Cigars feauturing Marvin Samel from Drew Estate

Jun 09, 2011

Acid Cigars feauturing Marvin Samel from Drew Estate


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 10th, 2011 we will celebrate "Drew Estate Cigars". Marvin Samel, company co-founder will visit our store. The event will promote among oth ers: A.C.I.D Cigars, Joya de Nicaragua, Tabak and Chateau Real. Promotions will include with Box Purchase a 6 Cigars Sampler and a newly design Hat or T-Shirt. As known, Drew Estate has a unique taste when it comes to designing, so, this may be one you want to have.

We are expecting a very diverse crowd, including a lot of bikers and much cool people. Also some live performance which I will keep it as a surprise for the visitors. Event will start around 6 pm and will last until we kick out the last customer.

Come out, compete in a Herf, and meet Marvin Samel Co Founder of Drew Estate Cigars. Scott Aka Mr. T will be there with great specials with free goodies on boxes and multiple sticks. We will also have raffles, food, and good company. It's not too often that you get to meet Marvin, Dont miss out!

Why should you visit Cuenca Cigars? Here there are just a few reasons. The casual atmosphere, a well stocked cigar shop, an outdoor sidewalk, a Montecristo Lounge, plenty of people watching, the friendly clientele, the nearby restaurants, the most welcoming greeting "Hello My Friend" and a suspenders trend Cuenca Cigars as established..... And every night the local ice cream truck stops by with refreshing treats. You can not ask for more. So, make your plans and reserve your space on the municipal parking for a fun night!


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