Acid Blue Label Cigars and the Flavoured Cigars Trend

May 10, 2011


By: Adam Smith

In 1995 Jonathan Drew along with Marvin Samuel launched Drew Estates as well as the Acid Cigar Line. The theory behind the organization has always been, "Work hard play, Play hard." After leaving their promising professions in law, Drew and Samel completely turned the cigar world upsidedown once they launched (and took seriously) the concept of flavoring premium cigars. La Vieja Habana was the initial line of cigars created by Drew Estates and these cigars were offered at the World Trade Center Mall. Simply because this was so successful, Drew and Samel took it to the 1997 RTDA exhibit. Even though the company was filled with names that nobody had ever heard of before, orders started pouring in. Because of this, Drew Estate decided to alter the place of their factory, shifting to Nicaragua. Nick Perdomo helped the rising business by making their cigars in the beginning. This opportunity permitted for Jonathan Drew to get his corporation to the next level.

It is difficult to say how Acid Cigars grew to become so popular given their origin. There's still a stigma associated with herbal cigars today that expert smokers giggle about. Drew Estate is known throughout the industry as supplying something different, an alternative option to the conventional churchill or robusto cigar. Not only do Acid cigars come in boxes, but in addition in Krush tins, for the unique cigar smoker who does not wish to spend an hour with his or her cigar. The Krush cigars are a fast burst of flavor that'll satisfy the on-the-go smoker. Attempt any box of Acid Cigars and you will see why it has become such a staple in the infused cigar community.

There are several cigars from the Drew Estates Acid line which are very popular with new smokers. Of mention is the Acid Kuba Kuba and the Acid Cold Infusion Tea. These cigars paved the way for new smoker to jump into cigar smoking delicately. With their gentle flavors and sweet fragrances its simpler for novice smokers to pick up an Acid Cigar and enjoy it with other people. Naturally, most serious cigar smokers have a tendency to move away from Acid cigars in the long run, but acid cigars have introduced an exclusive way of bringing cigar smokers together 1 cigar at a time!

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