2011 Best Hot Spot at the Best of Hollywood Contest

Dec 18, 2011


Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood Florida was chosen "2011 Best Hollywood Hot Spot" at the Best of Hollywood Contest" Hollywood Gazette November 2011, Page 33, states:


(...)Cuenca Cigars is a bar, a patio, a cappuccino bar situaded adjacent to a "Members Only" Lounge. Enthusiasts gather for a great coffee, beer and wine at outside tables and signature cigars in longe. Owner Ana Cuenca greets guests with a cigar in one hand and a fun attitud, provinding cigars bars aren't just a boy's Club anymore. Their active Facebook pages pitches promotions, drawings and comedy nights. It is trylly an inviting aura that is unpretentions and sophisticated. (...)


Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood Florida and our friends and family, the "Cuencarians" were really trilled with this mention and appreciated the opportunity of been part of Downtown Hollywood Community. Without all the support we received from Local Newspapers, CRA and City Officers, these Four Years of sucess, could not been possible.


Thank You Hollywood Gazette


Ana Cuenca.


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