2011 Best Art Gallery | Art and Culture at the Best of Hollywood Contest

Dec 18, 2011

Cuenca's Montecristo Lounge was chosen "2011 Best Art Gallery/Art and Culture at the Best of Hollywood Contest" .

Hollywood Gazette November 2011, Page 24, states: (...) The Montecristo Lounge is a private art exhibition gallery adjacent to the popular downtown cigar shop Cuenca Cigars, a Hollywood Hot Spot for over four years. Artist John Gillan can often be found at the Montecristo Lounge on Friday nights. Gillan approched owner Ana Cuenca about displaying his Art and She loved the idea. Last Month collection was Polaroid SX-70, which is a documentation of South Florida where each photograph was manipulated after being exposed. The Exhibit Rando Blends have been on display since October 28th, 2011. It consist of a unique selection of paired images. Prints are available for purchase. The Members Lounge bustles with enthusiasts of Art and Cigars. Cuenca's lights up the room with her constant smile as she eagerly welcomes guests into the Montecristo family, inviting them not only to upcoming promotional events but even to a birthday party at the Lounge. -M.C. (...)

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