Tatuaje Dots Cigars Ashtray | Blue


Cigar Tatuaje fans, look no further! We’ve got the perfect item to add to your collection: Tatuaje Dots Ashtray! This limited run of ceramic ashtrays come in five colors and offer a fun and unique way to show off your favorite cigars. Featuring an 8.5” diameter and 3.5” high with raised, antiqued logos - it won't disappoint. Plus, these collectible ashtrays are conveniently made for cigar smokers. What's even more aesthetically pleasing? Our Blue one is not only dark but will make a statement in any space. As if that wasn't enough reason to pick one up, it also comes in a black gift box with a colored logo noting which ashtray is inside - making it the perfect present for any cigar enthusiast in your life. Enjoy free shipping on orders $99 plus, only at Cuenca Cigars. Grab one of these beautiful and practical items today - we promise you won’t regret it!