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Do you want to know where are Padrón cigars are made?  Considered some of the Best Cigars of the world, the moment you smoke Padron Cigars is probably the moment when you will become a true cigar connoisseur. Types of Padron Cigars are considered some of the greatest boutique cigar blends that stayed true to family tradition. Their yearly production is considered smaller than many other cigars manufacturers but the consistency and following make them extremely special cigars. They usually get some of the highest rankings you can find in handmade cigars. Made of super premium tobacco with a limited cigar portfolio the Padron cigars are very unique in taste and flavor. They are also considered some of the more consistent smokes and their followers are true warriors of loyalty and support. Padron cigars website Smoke Padron Cigars now at Cuenca Cigars Online! Become a true cigar connoisseur today!

Why Padron Cigars are considered some of the strongest cigars?

Padron Cigars are generally speaking not a cigar for beginners. All the Padron Cigar Portfolio consists comes with two different wrappers: Natural and Maduro. Usually the Naturally wrapped Padron Cigars are less strongest cigars than the maduro counterpart in any of the blends. But the flavour profile is still stronger than other handmade premium cigars.

Here is a list of the full Portfolio of Padron Cigars. Every Padron Cigar Brand comes in two wrappers: Maduro and Natural.

  • Padron Series
  • Padron Cigars 1926 Anniversary Series
  • Padron Cigars 1964 Anniversary
  • Padron Family Series
  • Padron Damaso
  • Padrón 50th Anniversary Limited Editions
Padron 1926 | Anniversary Series

These are genuinely unique smokes that only a real cigar smoker can savory and understand. Padron Cigars 1926 were made to celebrate the year when the family patriarch was born. Padron 1926 launched the series in 2002 to celebrate José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday. Cigar Aficionado Magazine had appraised these cigars as some of the best cigars of the year and some of the highest rankings a cigar can have. The Padron 1926 Anniversary series are a luxury smoke, and some cigar lovers believe in the status of smoking Padron Cigars put them on. The line uses premium tobacco between 5-10 years and uses two wrappers: Natural and Maduro versions. These cigars are the closest to perfection a handmade cigar can be. The 1926 Series are not in anyway inexpensive smokes, but cigar lovers are happy to pay the price!

Padron 1964 | Anniversary Series

The same year I was coming to America, in 1994, Padron Cigars introduced the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series. A line to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of these Premium Cigars: Padron. Established in 1964 by José O. Padrón, these cigar brands' humble beginning talk about passion, hard work, dedication, and family love! Initially, the company release 16 sizes in two cigar wrappers: sun-grown natural and Maduro. Priced just below the 1926 Anniversary Series, these are a little more affordable cigars with the quality of premium tobacco and the cigars' versatility made skillfully by hand. These Premium Cigars tobacco used to handmade these cigars is at least aged for four years. Then the box-press format, add the compact flavors of these smokes.

Padron Family Reserve | Celebrations

Padron Family Reserve is the newest addition to the Padron Family of Cigars and, once again, one that holds the highest ranking among all cigar magazines. Padron Family Reserve is packaged in 10 Count Boxes of the best Premium cigars made for the real cigar aficionado. Using ten-year-aged tobacco, handcrafted by highly skilled cigar makers and blended under the Padron Family tradition of cigar making. These handmade premium cigars are of complexity and exceptional flavorful profile. Looking to smoke some of the best Nicaraguan cigars? Padron Family reserve is here to satisfy the most inquisitive and sophisticated palate!

Padron Series | Regular Line

The first cigars that the Padron Family released and the one that started the road to success is no other than the classic Padron Series. First launched in 1964, the Padrón Series consists of medium-to full-bodied smokes. Made with exquisite Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, these cigars are wrapped in sun-grown Habano and Maduro. These premium inexpensive cigars are handcrafted using aged tobacco with not less than two-and-one-half years. The quality control and the attention to details in these cigars are not less than those paid to the Padron Family Reserva or the Padron Anniversary Series. These cigars are among some of the highest created cigars of all times and constitute all Padron Cigars smokers' bread and butter!

Padron Damaso | A milder Padron

The Padron Damaso series are the first medium bodied smoke wrapped in silky Connecticut tobacco leave. But do not expect a mild smoke. Padron Damaso is smooth smokes that still carry the family tradition of creating a powerhouse. The smoke is rich and satisfying with the interesting Nicaraguan Tobacco kick. Still creamy smooth, and less powerful than the rest of the Padron Cigars. Padron Damaso premium cigars are some of the latest smokes that the Padron cigars' house offers cigar aficionados.


About Padron Cigars Cigars

Padron Cigars are probably the simplest cigar brand you can find. It comprises only five different blends in both Natural Sungrown, Maduro, and Connecticut wrapper in the Damaso Series. We have Padron Series, Padron Family Reserve, Padron 1926 Anniversary, Padron 1964 Anniversary, and the Padron Damaso. This brand's complexity does not come in many flavors but in the fermentation aged of the tobacco they use. The whole boutique cigar brand focuses more on perfecting the blending and fermentation process, keeping the consistency, and focusing on quality, not quantity. There are two models to follow in any business; one is based on volume, and another is based on margin. Padron prefers to make fewer but better cigars. And the model works. Today, Padron Cigars are some of the most sought after cigars in the world of handmade cigars. Looking to try some of the best Nicaraguan cigars? Padron Cigars are undoubtedly the bests!

✋ Are Padron Cigars handmade?

Absolutely. Padron Cigars is one of the world’s leading brands producing high-quality handmade cigars. Excellent artisanal craftsmanship combined with premium materials is what makes Padron Cigars a beloved brand of aficionados worldwide. 

(:1f51d:) Why Padron Cigars are so highly rated?

Padron Cigars is a premium Nicaraguan brand producing luxurious handmade cigars. Padron Cigars are highly valued by cigar aficionados all around the world as they offer a unique smoking experience that cannot be compared with any other cigar. Premium aged tobacco, high-quality tobacco leaves, top-notch technology, and family tradition combined are what make Padron Cigars one of the most highly-rated Nicaraguan cigar brands in the world.

(:1f4b0:) Why Padron Cigars are more expensive than many other cigars?

If you are willing to open the world of premium Nicaraguan cigars and impeccable smoking experience, you should be ready to pay more to get the best of the best. When you purchase Padron Cigars, you can be sure that every inhale will be worth every cent spent. The hand-rolled top-notch complexion, premium aged tobacco, and the history of the company are what add to the high price point of the cigar.

(:1f530:) Will Padron Cigars work for beginners?

Yes. Although Padron Cigars is considered to be a premium Nicaraguan brand for cigar aficionados, it offers a number of blends that would perfectly work for cigar newbies. We would recommend starting out with Padron 2000 Natural hat would be an optimal starting point in their line. The smooth flavor and consistent draw of this cigar also make Padron 2000 a great everyday smoke. Another to take into consideration is the new Padron Damaso.

(:1f60e:) Where Padron Cigars are made?

Padron Cigars are made in a state-of-the-art factory in Nicaragua using premium carefully aged Nicaraguan tobacco. 

(:1f49b:) What are the best Padron Cigars?

It is hard to state what Padron Cigars are the best as all five blends offer various smokes. For instance, Padron Series being the first cigar released by the Padron family is a classic that is a must-smoke for both beginners and experienced smokers. Whereas Padron 1926 Anniversary is a complex highly aged blend that will be especially enjoyed by savory aficionados. Also as part of the anniversary blends the Padron 1964 Anniversary and Padron Family Reserve.

(:1f468:) How long are Padron Cigars aged?

Padron Cigars offer an ultimate smoking experience that comes not from a large variety of flavors but the quality of tobacco used for some of the best Nicaraguan cigars. Their regular line: Padron Series uses a Habano that is aged for at least 2 1/2 years, which makes their premium cigars smooth yet splendid smokes. Family Reserve, Padron Anniversary Series uses tobacco that is 4+ years aged

(:1f4c5:) Who founded Padron Cigars?

The company of Padron Cigars was founded back in 1964 by José Orlando Padron who was born in a Cuban family with a long tradition of cigar production. The brand was started in Miami, and in the beginning was quite distant from the premium Nicaraguan Padron cigars we know today. Nevertheless, today the brand is known for their best Nicaraguan cigars that are a must-smoke for all aficionados in the USA and the whole world.

(:1f917:) What blends does Padron Cigars offer?

Padron Cigars is a premium cigar brand that prioritizes quality over quantity. Therefore, the brand offers only five blends that are all different yet united by their premium quality. Padron Cigars’ main blends are Padron Series, Padron Family Reserve, Padron 1926 Anniversary and Padron Damaso.

(:1f4aa:) Are Padron Cigars strong?

Padron Cigars are known to be on a rather strong side. For instance, if you are into stronger intensive blends, try out Padron 1964 Anniversary and Padron 1926 Series - these ultimate classics of premium Nicaraguan cigars will give you a meticulous smoking experience.