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Lotus Chroma Lighter - Glossy White & Gunmetal


The Lotus Chroma Lighter Glossy White & Gunmetal is an innovative and stylish way to light up any room. The unique design features a distinct White finish on the body of the lighter, making it truly stand out from other lighters. This special finish helps to provide a subtle shimmer that will draw attention and admiration from all those who witness it.

The lighter also boasts a textured grip, allowing for comfortable use even in the most difficult situations. Additionally, the gunmetal accents provide an additional touch of class. The strong and durable construction ensures that this lighter can easily be stored away or used multiple times without issue.

When using the Lotus Chroma Lighter, users can choose between two different flame levels to suit their needs: single action or double action. The single action mode allows for fast lighting while double action ensures better control over temperature and flame size with just one movement of the thumb. This added feature allows for greater flexibility compared to traditional lighters and makes it suitable for any situation.

In addition to its sleek design and robust construction, the Lotus Chroma Lighter also boasts an easy-to-use refill system making it easy to keep your lighter going strong each time you need it. With its reliable performance and attractive looks, this lighter is sure to make any room look great and light up any gathering with ease!

The torch has twin flames, is resistant to wind, has a large flame adjuster, a fuel level window, an all-metal housing, and an integrated 8mm cigar punch. It can also light up to an output of 12,000 feet.