La Palina LPC Mr Sam

La Palina Cigars was founded in 1896 by Sam Paley who was named Mr. Sam by the workers in his factory. The La Palina Collection Mr. Sam is crafted using top quality Nicaraguan filler and binder which are wrapped in an Ecuadorian wrapper leaf. The blend offers a delightful, medium-bodied smoke. The flavours are full of nuances that include notes of cedar, multiple spices and aged tobacco, accompanied by earthy aroma. With an impeccable construction the La Palina Collection Mr. Sam boosts of a well-deserved 90 points rating. The La Palina LPC Mr. Sam comes in 3 vitolas, namely, Toro 6 x 50, Corona 5.5 x 42 and Robusto 4.75 x 54. To enjoy the taste of this delightful cigar place an order now at Cuenca Cigars and get the best online price for them.