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If you aren’t familiar with Honduran cigars, you are not alone. When it comes to cigar production, this landlocked Central American country has been overshadowed by Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. However, in recent years, Honduran cigars have been rapidly gaining in popularity, seeing some of the largest year-over-year increases in exports in the industry. If you are wondering what makes these cigars so special, continue reading or order one for yourself. 

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History of Honduran Cigars

While handmade Honduran cigars have been gaining in popularity recently, Hondurans have been growing tobacco for more than 2000 years, since the days of the Mayan empire. When Spanish explorers reached this country, they quickly recognized that Honduras’s climate and fertile soil made it ideal for growing tobacco and established a trading post near Santa Rosa. Since then, this tradition of excellence has never wavered. At Cuenca Cigars, Inc, we are proud to share these special cigars with our customers. 

What Makes Honduran Cigars So Special?

Honduran cigars bring a unique experience to the table. They are primarily grown in Jamastran Valley, along the border of Nicaragua. Tobacco farmers in Honduras typically grow a combination of Connecticut Shade and Corojo Shade tobacco, but they also use seeds from Cuban strands, giving these cigars a premium flavor. 

What Do Honduran Cigars Taste Like?

Honduran cigars are best known for their rich and spicy flavors. While the exact flavor will vary based on the cigar you choose, they can offer notes of sweetness, dark chocolate, and other unique flavors. Many companies also use both Nicaraguan tobacco and Honduran tobacco for even more flavor. We can help you determine which cigar will best fit your taste profile. 

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