Handmade Costa Rica Cigars



Quality, Flavorful Costa Rican Handmade Cigars

Are you looking for high-quality handmade Costa Rica cigars? Cuenca Cigars offers superior, 100% hand-rolled cigars that would make great additions to your home humidor collection.

Hand-Rolled Costa Rican Cigars: Features

Appealing Appearance

Our cigars have a triple cap and a sturdy, clean wrapper. They are made with meticulous skill using proven age-old techniques to avoid rolling. They come with consistent tobacco folds that extend all the way to the wrapper, with no airy pockets or bristles.

Unmatched Taste

Our Costa Rica cigars have a balanced and smooth flavor - regardless of the type. If you appreciate a rich smell and bolder taste, get your hands on one of these bad boys. Irrespective of what you’ve eaten, Cuenca Cigars will always leave a pleasant aroma in your mouth.

Properly Constructed

We have experienced cigar-rollers who follow precise filler and binder ratios when making Costa Rica cigars. This ensures that our cigars have a perfect, firm, and resilient draw. They are also properly humidified to prevent hard or soft spots or unwanted veins. Enough to pass the famous pinch test.

Long-Lasting Smoke

It is one thing to enjoy a cigar, and another to enjoy a long-lasting quality one. If you love smoking, you’ll definitely love our stocky pressed Costa Rica cigars. Our cigars allow you to enjoy a longer, flavorful smoking experience compared to other types of cigars.

Value for Money

Our Costa Rican cigars come in a variety of types based on age, rarity, packaging, and more. No cigar enthusiast can resist the luxurious and smooth profile of our cigars. Even better, you are guaranteed a great taste of class at the best prices.


We understand that some vintage cigars are better than others, but at Cuenca Cigars, we do everything within our power to ensure the consistency of our cigars. Our cigars will always be consistent from one box to the other. We store our cigars in state-of-the-art humidors to maintain their superior palate even after years to come.

Burns Evenly

If you are a cigar enthusiast, you understand how inconvenient an unevenly burning cigar can be. It's messy and degrades your cigar experience. Our Costa Rica cigars at Cuenca Cigars burn evenly to allow you to enjoy the flavorful taste and smooth draw like the true cigar aficionado you are.

Natural and 100% Handmade

We provide you with artisanal and natural cigars. They are only made with tobacco in their purest form. We don’t use chemicals to treat our leaves or artificially alter them for flavor. They’re all archived naturally, which contributes to the cigar’s intrinsic beauty. There are also no sweeteners and preservatives used to increase shelf-life.

Buy Cigars Online: Quality Handmade Cigars Delivered to Your Doorstep

Cigar enthusiasts consider cigars as status symbols. This is because it’s not all about smoking but relaxation and elaborate enjoyment. Cuenca Cigars has that Costa Rica cigar you’ve been craving for. Cigars blended with the richest and finest-tasting tobaccos wrapped in premium natural wrappers. Order yours today to be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.

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