Dr. RH MRI Moisture Instrument - Various Styles

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Dr. RH Large Round MRI-Moisture Regulation Instrument

This Moisture Regulation Instrument (MRI) is a two-way humidification device.  It offers maximum moisture output/absorption to ensure perfect 70% humidity when charged with CIGAR REMEDY PG SOLUTION.  MRI's are filled with a combination of 2 types of Super Absorbent crystals and Moisture Stabilization Orbs.  The crystals will absorb up to 450 times their weight in PG Solution, and the Orbs are added to prolong the life of the MRI and the crystals inside.

Dr.'s Orders-Remove MRI from packaging and lay down on a flat surface.  Shake CIGAR REMEDY PG Solution and pour slowly through the mesh until completely full.  You will see the crystals and orbs transform into a Hydro-gel in 20 minutes or less.  The MRI hydro-gel is almost 100% CIGAR REMEDY, to take excellent care of your most prized cigars- Perfect 70% humidity, with no peaks and valleys.

Small round MRI will humidify up to 50 cigars
Large Round MRI will humidify up to 100 cigars.
Rectangular MRI will humidify up to 250 cigars.