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Apr 17, 2011

During the past few months our store has made a 180 degree turn, and is been extremely good for us. We now offer a more relaxed, friendly, and cozy environment where our customers can spend time and mingle with family and friends. The events have become lively, diverse and highly attended, thanks to all of you.

In lieu of the changes I personally asked John Gillian to photograph our store and lounge, so that everyone would be able to view and enjoy which ever way they prefer (online store, facebook, etc.). In my conversation, I said to him, “you know, Friday is the perfect day, so I thought. But John Gillan being such an excellent artist pictured the event in a different light. He said, “We need the afternoon light, when the sunset starts, we need to trim some of the trees and re-arrange the sitting space”. He continued, “We actually need a photo shoot.” “It’s not that simple Ana, he said…… ok, I answered!” Just tell me when and we will be ready for you.

At or around midnight the night before the shooting, I sent a short text to my local customers about the project. Because it was midnight, my text was not clear as to the actual day and time, so I received many replies asking me to clarify. The next morning, I sent an email with the updated information. I was worried because it seemed like a huge undertaking with limited time and resources. To my surprise, my customers came in large numbers, John and Teresa, his wife created a beautiful setting in no time. They worked so hard, just to make sure my store had a new face in the advertisement world. And for that, I truly thank both of them and all my customers from the bottom of my heart. Without them, we couldn’t have accomplished this important project in our continued success.

Below are the four photographs we captured during that beautiful afternoon. Please review them all and vote for your favorite one. We will take every vote into consideration, as you all make a difference in our future. Thanking you in advance for your votes.

jjgillan-8122crp-1.jpg jjgillan-8131-1.jpg jjgillan-8131omarcrp-1.jpg jjgillan-8132crp-1.jpg
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