Casa de Garcia Toro Fresh Loc Cigars - Connecticut Pack of 40

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Casa de Garcia Toro Fresh Loc Cigars are crafted to please the palate and pocket as well. They are smooth, consistent cigars with a mild body profile. Handmade in Dominican Republic they are packed with Honduran and Dominican fillers. They are bound by a Connecticut binder and enwrapped by a silky Connecticut shade wrapper. They burn in an even manner releasing enticing aromas and delicious flavors from start to end. Therefore, they are absolutely wonderful and fit for daily enjoyment. These Casa de Garcia Toro Fresh Loc Cigars are built in the length of 5 1/2 with a ring gauge of 50. They come in fresh sealed packs of 40. To buy these consistently flavorful cigars place an order at Cuenca Cigars and get the best online price.