Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Cigar Ashtray Red - Holds 4 Cigars

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Get yourself the cool and stylish Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Ashtray Red – Holds 4 Cigars. As part of their centenary celebrations, this elegant ashtray is the perfect companion to your cigar smoking experience. This beautiful and vibrant red colored ashtray will look at home in any setting. Show your friends that you know great style when you see it!

The ashtray itself has a very interesting look, featuring an 8 1/2" diameter bowl with a 2 3/4" high lip around its circumference. The traditional color mix of earthy colors over red look gives this ashtray a unique identity that catches everyone’s attention. Moreover, there is an inspirational quote inscribed in the middle which reads “We will never rush the hands of time". It is clear why Arturo Fuente cigars are so legendary!

This four-cigar holding cigar accessory lets you rest your cigars on four perfectly sized slots arranged around the across from one another. In addition to looking grand and being committed to providing quality and consistency, what more can one ask from such an incredible product? Get your very own Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Ashtray Red today and enjoy timeless luxury whenever you feel like lighting up a cigar with friends or just relaxing with one during quiet evenings. Buy now and get groovy!