Arturo Fuente God of Fire Angelenos

Angelenos Cigars by God of Fire are some sweet and mild cigars that will delight you. These are some fo the Best Dominican Cigars you can smoke now. These cigars are made by Fuente for God of Fire Cigars, a sister company of Prometheus USA. Prometheus USA one of the greater sponsors of Cigar Family Charitable Foundation that provide education and support to many families in the Dominican Republic. Every-time you smoke a God of Fire or Angeleno Cigars you are some how supporting this kids! It is a beautiful world of cigars!  

FAQs For Angelenos Cigars by God of Fire

Angelenos cigars are a tribute to the city of angels, i.e., Los Angeles. Arturo Fuente makes it for Promethues.

The flavor of the god of fire, Angelenos Cigars, is sweet and of creamy flavors. It comes more on the woody side and has a Dominican taste. It is smooth, not mild, with light pepper on the retro, and overall it comes with a smooth flavor through the last third.

It is layered with different notes of cedar, pepper, and earth. You may get the experience of having a premium cigar. It provides the satisfaction of each flavor while the cigar's burn is even that's the sign of having a good cigar.

It is not as stronger as other cigars available, but it is not even mild. You will get the flavors of pepper and earth in the last third bit stronger.

The appearance is quite appealing of Angelenos cigar as it is wrapped in a smooth, oily, and golden brown wrapper. It feels to hold on to the premium cigar.