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7 Of The Best Cigars For Beginners

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Cigar aficionado - Best Flavored Cigars

Are you a cigar aficionado searching for an affordable cigar and the perfect smoke to start? Look no further! Here are 7 of the best cigars on the market that any beginner will cherish.

When searching for the ideal cigar for those just starting, two significant factors must be considered: budget and flavor profile. What are some of the most cost-effective cigars available on the market today? Moreover, what are the best options that provide a serious beginner cigar, with high quality while keeping within their budgetary constraints?

Your first Cigar Smoking Experience

Don't compromise on your first cigar experience by settling for low-quality options just to save money. Cuenca Cigars has curated a selection of 7 distinctive cigars perfect for beginners, each package including one of every type - so you can avoid disappointment and revel in an unforgettable initiation into the world of tobacco!


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Please read our blog post about the Best Cigars for Beginners.

Hosting your celebration just got easier.

Hosting your celebration just got more enjoyable and economical! You can now enjoy an exquisite celebratory cigar for only $20, making it popular among cigar aficionados. Cigar Aficionado's most desired selection is one of today's trendiest cigars. Come to our Cigar Shop for this incredible experience! Our team will be delighted to guide you in picking some superb premium cigars.

How to Choose Your First Cigar (Some Tips)

The 4 tips I have are essential for anyone considering buying their first cigar. They cost around $8+ each. These are premium cigars with a soft Connecticut wrapper. It is a mixture of Dominican and Nicaraguan. You may expect to see some very high smoke, and the flavors are like tobacco and nut. I typically recommend mild cigars or medium-smoked ones. It should be considered a good choice based on the cost and the high quality of tobacco. A corona is five inches long and has 45 rings.

The Difference Between Traditional and Flavored/Infused Cigars

The flavored or infused cigar comes next. We're going to talk about the differences between them. However, the two differ because each has a flavor other than smoking tobacco. The latter half of the list has flavors infusions. Incorporating flavor with infused flavor can make a difference. A flavor cigar has additional flavors from a mixture of syrups or oils applied over a top-quality cigar. Infused cigars, however, pick up their flavor through the treatment process in which they hang up and dry.

Choose the right stick

Obviously, as with anything in our life, the size matters! It isn’t the way you thought. Men often make mistakes with cigars. Rogers said. So the women generally go, 'OK, I want milder cigar, a smaller cigar, a smaller cigar,' because it seems milder. And men say: I want a stronger cigar! Give me the largest cigar.' They're likelier to go with it. In smoke strength, air heat is proportional to proximity. The shorter the sticks and the less energy the smoke reaches your nose, the more solid and intense the air is.

Start with a Mild Cigar

Please be aware that tastes are subjective. You could use a stronger cigar if your passion is high spirits, beer or bold food. But if we don’t smoke cigars, we can be milder cigars, so that we can avoid wasting our constitution. You can also try to see which ones work for you and the ones you like and get a chance to increase your taste for a lighter, fuller cigar. When you begin a hobby you should also learn about smoking habits to make it a better experience.

Other Cigar Recommendations include:

Ashton Classic

For beginners, a new cigar smoker should have a tasteful and moderate choice. Ashton Classic is exceptionally well known for being a ‘Top Five' premium cigar in the United States market. Its 60 countries worldwide sell. Ashton Classic's velvety smoothness suits all new cigar lovers as the perfect blend of old Dominican tobacco is in a golden blonde Connecticut wrap. The flavors of Cedar Almond and crème brulee are perfect with creamy Dominican spice to create a delightfully flavourful profile. Ashton classic tobacco retails from about $8 to about $13 each.

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

Understanding Cuban-style cigar products will be the most significant introduction of premium tobacco in an ever-increasing number of years. One of the more notable are the brands Romeo y Julieta, and the Reserva Real blend offers an excellent introduction to the Ecuador Connecticut wrapper varietal that comprises a unique mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Adding a subtle toast flavor to this flavor provides the cigar smoker a delightfully rich nutty aroma—Probe Reserva Real is between $8 and $9 a cigar.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva

Arturo Fuente has long become the best-known Dominican brand among cigar smokers. The respected cigar maker Carlos Fuente Sr. has developed many cigars that have not only merited testing but have set exemplary standards in taste and aroma over time. The Original Arturo Fuente blend offers exceptional value with an authentic Dominican flavor. Some formats are handmade, as Natural as Maduro packaging types. Consistent rich notes like cedar, coffee bean, cocoa and nuts offer a unique introduction to Dominica. It is an ultra-popular original Gran Reserva mix that begins at $6-8.