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2011 Best Cigar of the Year | Que Pasa Newsletter


As every year, Cuenca Cigars have broadcasted the “Best Cigar of the Year Contest”. This is a Facebook only campaign that we do in coordination with the cigar manufacture, distributors and the store, Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood Florida to get your opinion about cigars. The contest collects information about you, while allow us to grow our facebook fans page and our list of subscribers. The contest starts every year on the first week of October and ends on December 31st at midnight.

Every facebook friend that enters to the contest was required to become a Fan of Cuenca Cigars of Hollywood and to complete a simple form asking what cigars in their opinion will be the First, Second and 3rd Best Cigar.  

And has promise here is the list of the Weekly Winners.

  1. 1.     Robert D Ritchie,
  2. 2.     Mandy Alvarez,
  3. 3.     Harris Safra
  4. 4.     Paul E. True
  5. 5.     Troy Gies,
  6. 6.     Mark Oberheu
  7. 7.     John Schaffran
  8. 8.     Gregory I. Ceaser
  9. 9.     josee bilodeau
  10. 10.   Michael Masters

Every one of this winners was requested to send us their Mailing addresses and the majority of them are in the process of receiving their gifts and hopefully they will post pictures on facebook for us.

The Second Part of this contest requires the release of the Top 25 Cigars that received the most votes. (in that Order)

Cigar No 25th: LFD The Digger Maduro

Cigar No 24th: Jaime Garcia Reserva Special Toro

Cigar No 23rd: Romeo y Julieta Havana Reserva Chuchill

Cigar No 22ndCain Daytona Torpedo

Cigar No 21st: Rocky Patel Decade Toro

Cigar No 20th: La Aroma de Cuba New Blend Double Corona

Cigar No 19th: Padron 7000 Maduro

Cigar No 18th: Alec Bradley Family Blend Churchill

Cigar No 17th: Ashton VSG Wizard 

Cigar No 16th: Namakumi Papi Chulo

Cigar No 15th: Montecristo Reserva Negra Toro

Cigar No 14th: AVO Heritage

Cigar No 13th: 601 Red Robusto

Cigar No 12th: My Father Le Bijou Torpedo

Cigar No 11th: La Riqueza Double Corona

Cigar No 10th: 601 Blue Toro

Cigar No 9th : Perdomo Champagne Noir Torpedo

Cigar No 8th : San Lotano Oval Habano Toro

Cigar No 7th : A.Turrent Triple Play Puro Maduro

Cigar No 6th : Montecristo #2

Cigar No 5th : Liga Undercrown 6 x 60 by Drew Estate

Cigar No 4th : Padron Family Reserve 45 Maduro

The third part of the Contest was to release the Top 3 Cigars. And here they are.

The third part of this contest was to release Cuenca Cigars’s Top 3 list, the ultimate cigar challenge.

The awaited moment of the final count down from Cuenca’s own best cigar of 2011 has arrived. We are so excited on the results and the winners; we have two fold the first year participants. It was a close call even though the spectrum of the last three cigars is indeed spread apart. 3rd Place Best Cigar of the Year

The third runner up is ILLUSIONE MG12. The first that call for in this finalist is the NAME. It will take on a trip just reading it, looks like a title of a science fiction novel/movie. The presentation confirms the initial impressions since it comes wrapped in silver aluminum foil (the natural) and black (the Maduro), that it put it out of the ordinary in the cigar market. It is a well build cigar, tight on the cap and on the tip. Both "Vitolas" have a great color wrapper. It has a good consistency during the smoke and the draw is not perfect but a good one. 2nd Place Best Cigar of the Year

The second finalist really deserves all kinds of good comments: Rosado "Sun Grown" fifty four. Once again we have some creativity on the name of the cigar. You can easily say that is the BEST value vs. price equation out there. The presentation is modest but it has what needs it. Well build, great aroma, great medium-soft flavor, no "kick-back" on this one Belongs the great Family of Arturo Fuentes, so right there you are guarantee of quality craftsmanship and love. 1st Place Best Cigar of the Year

For the Grand finale, GOD OF FIRE Don Carlos, Toro. Especial Edition 2011. WOW, now we are talking! A three year matured cigar, perfect build! perfect wrapper! Unique ring! Great consistency in the smoke! Once you finish it you either want to cry or light up another one. The only negative is the availability, but then again you do not have to worry about that, we have it for you right here in Cuenca’s.

For the last part of this contest we have chosen three final winners.

The three final winners will be receiving a Box or a Cigar Sampler of the line of cigars they represent as winners and they are:

  1. Gary Wong from Lodi, California – to represent the Illusine MJ 12 Top 3 of our list.
  2. Iliana D. Graibe from Miami, Florida – to represent the Arturo Fuente Rosado Sun grown Fifty Four, Top 2 of our list.
  3. Eddie Martell from Azle, Texas – to represent the God of Fire Don Carlos Toro, Top 1 of our list.

Those winners should email their mailing address to us in order to receive their gift.

I think this was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to do it again this coming October.

Until them, keep checking our page for future promotions and contests.

Thank you all.

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