Oliva Cain Habano

Oliva Cain Habano Cigars are packed with straight ligeros from Nicaragua assuring a robust smoking experience for the smokers. Esteli, Condega and Jalapa are the three regions in Nicaragua famous for growing long leaf tobaccos. This blend utilizes these powerful tobaccos after long aging and triple fermentation to deliver a massive smoke that is unforgettable. A thick, light brown Habano wrapper covers this blend nicely. A rich array of finely balanced flavours accentuates the taste of these full bodied Cain Habano Cigars. Notes of coffee, earth and spices smack the palate as the slow burn of the cigar gives the time to savour each puff. Receiver of a well-deserved 92 point rating, these Cain cigars are available in Double Toro 6.0x60, Robusto 5.7x50, Robusto Tubo 5.7x50 and Torpedo 6.0x54 sizes. To buy these bold ligero cigars place an order now at Cuenca Cigars and get them at the best online price.