Oliva Cain F

Oliva Cain F Cigars are an ambitious creation of the Oliva Cigars by combining their three lines, namely, Cain, F and NUB. The compactness of NUB and the richness of the Cain and F are mixed together to create this blend. Ligero tobaccos from three distinct regions of Nicaragua, Esteli, Condega and Jalapa, are blended together to form this ultra-rich puro. Dark Nicaraguan wrapper is used to cover this potent blend. The result is a fuller bodied, finely balanced rich, bold smoke. Leathery and spicy notes occasionally accompanied by sweet taste makes the flavor profile from beginning till end. Designed in short but larger ring gauge, i.e. 4 x 60, they offer perfect taste right from the time of lighting. To try Oliva Cain F Cigars bold, innovative cigars place order here at Cuenca Cigars and get them at the best online price.