Lunatic Perfecto

JFR Lunatic Perfecto Cigars: An Aganorsa Leaf Classic

With their Anganorsa Leaf filling and wrapper, these JFR Lunatic Perfecto cigars have a rich flavor profile and offer a smooth smoke. Order yours today. 

A Delightful Nicaraguan Cigar

JFR Lunatic Perfecto cigars are sourced from Anganorsa Leaf's farms located in the best tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua. These Lunatic cigars have garnered popularity among cigar enthusiasts for their sweet yet spicy flavor profile with chocolate, peppers, and cedar notes. 

The cigars offer a smooth yet full-bodied smoke and have an excellent draw. The oily shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Jalapa adds a touch of spice that balances out the cigar's sweeter notes. 

We carry the best that this line has to offer at Cuenca Cigars, including:

  • Lunatic Perfecto El Gran Loco Cigars
  • Lunatic Perfecto El Loco Cigars
  • Lunatic Perfecto El Loquito Cigars 

Order your JFR Lunatic Perfecto cigars if you're ready to embrace these lovely flavors. 

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