Lunatic Corojo Torch

Go Crazy With Lunatic Corojo Torch Cigars 

With their shaggy foot, Corojo 99' wrapper, and rich blends, the Lunatic Corojo Torch cigars are not to be missed. Order yours today. 

From the Best Tobacco Regions in Nicaragua

These Lunatic Corojo Torch cigars are a real treat if you are looking for a true Nicaraguan cigar. They feature premium Aganorsa Leaf tobacco, sourced from Estelí and Jalapa, and a  Corojo 99 wrapper also from Jalapa. Even the binding is from Jalapa, making this a true Nicaraguan puro.

Their shaggy foot allows you to indulge in the flavor of the filler tobacco without the influence of the wrapper for a truly luxurious smoke. At Cuenca Cigars, we carry the following:

  • Lunatic Corojo Torch Imagine Cigars
  • Lunatic Corojo Torch Dreamlands Cigars
  • And Other Aganorsa Leaf Cigars

If you are ready to find out what makes these the best Nicaraguan cigars, order yours today or shop our entire collection.

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