Drew Estate Liga Privada

The first-ever batch of the now known Liga Privada Cigars was released In 2007 by Drew Estate. These premium cigars were initially rolled only to be smoke by the rollers and other high executives from Drew Estate. Everything started as a simple blending experiment that others say WOW: this is different from anything you guys ever sold or given to friends and visitors. And then, Drew Estate felt the need to entice the cigar fans with this new blend, so the Liga Privada No 9 was born to become a hit soon and later a Cult. While the Puro was trendy, Jonathan and the guys were using tobacco from four countries. But the tobacco leaf for these blends was scarce, so they decided to start another project. Another blend that was different but still could compare in quality with the No. 9. In 2009, they finally got a product that becomes the sister brand of No 9: Liga Privada T52. Not too long after that, Drew Estate Released Liga Privada Unico Series. And you know the rest, they now do limited releases every year of the Unico Series compound of cigars that are different in everything: size-wise and blend-wise. Liga Privada has become another hard to find, rare smoke cigar aficionados collect and hoard in their humidors. One of the most significant achievements a tobacco company face is this, the creation of rare smokes that makes cigar lovers crave and dream of the next one!

Liga Privada No 9

Spanish Liga Privada translates as Private Blend. And this is how it all started. These Premium Handmade cigars were not created with the intention to resale them. It was created to the design of Drew Estate workers, to be smoked while they work! And the cigars were so good that they had to create a brand and share it with the rest of the world. The Liga Privada No 9 uses seven different tobaccos, and it is aged for 18 + months. The wrapper is a #1 Darks Connecticut Broadleaf; Binder is a Brazilian Mata Fina Plantation-Grown and fillers: Select Honduran and Nicaraguan Cuban Seed. The result is a perfectly blended handmade cigar that is perfect in flavor and richness. Thes premium cigars are a luxury that every cigar aficionado craves to have in their humidor!

Liga Privada T52

Liga Privada T52 came out after a careful selection of tobaccos. It becomes the sister blend of the Liga Privada No 9, so the standards were pretty high. Looking for a more peppery and spicy blend that delivers a stronger, more robust smoke. They use a new wrapper called stalk-cut that was very hard to hand-select, but they find an amazing tobacco leaf, strong and tasty when they finally did. Handcrafted by the best "torcedores" that Drew Estate has. Aged for 2 + Years to tell the story of the leaf. These handmade premium smokes are delightful.

Liga Privada Unico Series

And the search for new blends, sizes, and variations of the Liga Privada continues. The master-blenders were tasting variations in the blends. Exotic sizes were the blend was tasty, but when trying bigger sizes, it lost the character. Drew Estate torcedores continue to create these rare cigars, and then the Liga Privada Unico Serie was born. If you think that No 9 and T52 are rare, wait and look for the Unico Series, and then you will find no one. These premium smokes do not last in any humidor.

Rare and hard to find Ligas!

And finally, the most extremely rare of the Ligas are here. H99, which I am hoping to get my hands soon. Year of the Rat, a celebratory cigar that is only available for events, and the Unico A. I am just hoping to see them soon, and I am hoping to share them with you!


(:1f468:)‍(:1f467:)‍(:1f466:) When was Liga Privada first released?

The first Liga Privada was Liga Privada No. 9 that was first released in 2007. Liga Privada means private blend, and the name refers to the blend Drew Estates master artisans and other key company figures used for they daily smoke. Once the outsiders heard from this blend the company started the Liga Project that become an absolute hit.

(:1f4dc:) What is Liga Privada Cigars best known for?

Here some of the reason every one is looking for Liga Privada Cigars from Drew Estate:

  • Liga Privada Cigars are rare tobaccos from at least four different countries.
  • They are also known for using a very sophisticated aging process and blending.
  • They use U.S.A./Conn. Broadleaf tobacco.
  • They have received extremely high rating by the famous cigar magazines including Top 10 Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the year.
  • They are very hard to find.
  • They are delicious smokes.
  • They have created some rare cigar formats that compiled in a Liga Privada Unico Series.
  • Liga Privada are a bold statement of complexity and taste.

(:1f380:) Why should I be smoking Liga Privada Cigars?

Liga Privada Cigars are great smokes that appeal to sophisticated cigar aficionados. They are rare and hard to find but you don't want to miss this information. These are considered some strongest cigars so if you stay in the mild to medium smoke profile you should think twice before tasting these handmade premium smokes.

(:1f4ca:) How does Liga Privada compairs to other known cigar brands?

Liga Privada cigars are unique. From seed to cigars, the process is different from other cigar manufacturers. They have a unique way of blending, aging, and handmade the Drew Estate Cigars portfolio. The early state was known for its unique infuse tobacco Acid Cigars that moved in the ladder to become a Premium Cigar Company. Drew Estate: "The Rebirth of Cigars" is, for sure, a unique company that handmade premium cigars in a novelty way.

(:1f4e4:) How does Liga Privada compare to Cuban Cigars?

Liga Privada cigars are unique and made to perfection. The tobacco leaves they use are premium Cuban-seed tobacco grown in different regions of Latin American. They are delicious and of a quality that will remind you next time you see them in your humidor. Liga Privada is not Cuban Cigars but is sure best.