Cohiba Cigars is an ultimate name when it comes to premium cigars. It is almost synonymous with extravagant taste and complex flavour and often considered as the world's finest cigars. Three varieties of Cuban seed tobaccos namely Dominican filler, Indonesian binder and Cameroon wrappers aged under the watchful eyes of our artisans go into making the Cohiba Cigars which are skilfully handcrafted in the Dominican Republic. The flavour of such complicated blend is somewhat spicy and more suitable for the seasoned palate. The available sizes are Churchill 7x49, Lonsdale Grande 6.25x47, Gigante 6x60, Toro Tubo 6x50, Crystal Corona 5.5x42, Corona 5.12x42, Robusto 5x49, Robusto Fino 4.75x47, Pequenos 4.18x36, Corona Minor 4x42 and Miniatures 3.87x24. To experience the taste of these premium cigars place an order now at Cuenca Cigars.