2012 By Oscar Valladares

2012 by Oscar Valladares is the cigar made to celebrate the Five Anniversary of the company. Now, 2017, the company has brought the blend back as a Rebirth Edition. These cigars in florida embrace the Mayan Calendar with colors and designs that identify the traditional Mayan Culture. As per the Calendar, December 21st of 2012, was to be the end of the world. On the original edition, Oscar Valladares directed the consumers to smoke one of the cigars in the box, on that day, to either be the last they smoked or the first of cigar of the new era. The new release does not contain that leaf wrapped cigar.

These cigars are in a box-pressed set format and three different blends, one featuring Corojo wrapper; the Maduro features the Mexican San Andres wrapper and the milder version featuring a Connecticut wrapper. Boxes of 20 Cigars count with a very attractive and colorful with the traditional Mayan design. Only one size is available now, but mid-2017 will bring on a Short Robusto, Torpedo and later a Sixty.  

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