Wine Renzo Masi Chianti Riserva

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Wine Renzo Masi Chianti Riserva is a widely appreciated red wine from the hills of Tuscany. It is made from the Sangiovese grapes, a must for any Chianti blend with little doses of Colorino grapes. They are fermented for 25 days and then the wine is aged in oak barrels for 14 months and lastly bottle aged for three years before releasing. So it is already prepared to offer a gratifying taste with notes of cherry, cedar, spice and tobacco. This is a complex and rich bouquet with a long finish and light grained tannins. Pizza, pasta or grilled meat all go very nicely with this wine. The Wine Renzo Masi Chianti Riserva is available in bottles of 750 ml. To get the best online deal on this wine place an order at Cuenca Cigars.