Warped Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch


Discover what sets the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch apart from the humdrum of typical cigars. In this deep dive, you’ll learn about the cigar’s rich, Nicaraguan blend origins, its bold evolution from the initial Guardian of the Farm series, and the artisanal craft behind its complex flavor. Expect no fluff - just the burning questions answered for enthusiasts intrigued by this distinct nighttime blend.

Key Takeaways

  • The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch is a collaboration between Warped Cigars and Aganorsa Leaf, representing an evolution from the original blend with a bold, all-Nicaraguan profile and the unique introduction of a box pressed size highlighted in its 2019 unveiling.

  • Handcrafted at El Titan de Bronze using traditional Cuban techniques, the Nightwatch blend features a Shade Grown Corojo Maduro wrapper from Aganorsa Leaf, contributing to a diverse and complex flavor profile with medium to full-bodied smoke experience.

  • The name ‘Guardian of the Farm’ honors the American Bulldogs that protect Aganorsa Leaf farms, and the Nightwatch cigar can be best enjoyed with proper storage, lighting techniques, and pairings that complement its rich and spicy flavor notes.

Unveiling the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch

A dark and mysterious image representing the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar embodies a remarkable fusion of collaboration and inspiration. Its inception can be traced back to the deep-rooted passion for cigars of Kyle Gellis, the founder of Warped Cigars, and Eduardo Fernández, the founder of Aganorsa Leaf. It was their united vision that resulted in the creation of the original Guardian of the Farm cigar; a creation that has sparked a close dialogue among cigar enthusiasts.

As the second blend in the Guardian of the Farm series, the Nightwatch showcases the powerful alliance behind its creation. Independently created by Max Fernández, the Nightwatch is a bold step forward from its predecessor, boasting a more intense all-Nicaraguan blend that presents a captivating smoking experience.

The Collaboration: Warped Cigars and Aganorsa Leaf

Spectacular results ensue when two giants of the premium cigar world join forces. Warped Cigars, founded by Kyle Gellis, and Aganorsa Leaf, helmed by Max Fernández, came together to create the original Guardian of the Farm cigar. This is a partnership that celebrates the shared values of tradition, quality, and a commitment to creating cigars that truly delight the taste buds.

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch, however, stands apart from its predecessor. This blend was created independently by Max Fernández, reflecting his unique vision and creative prowess. Despite this, the Nightwatch is a testament to the spirit of collaboration that birthed the original blend, showcasing the best of what both Warped Cigars and Aganorsa Leaf have to offer.

El Titan de Bronze: Crafting Excellence

Craftsmen working on the production of Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch at El Titan de Bronze

The allure of the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar lies not just in its blend, but also in the skilled craftsmanship behind it. The cigars are produced in El Titan de Bronze, a factory that holds a significant historical connection to 19th century Latin American guerrilla leadership. Known for its dedication to traditional Cuban styles, El Titan de Bronze ensures that each cigar is handcrafted to perfection, delivering immediate complexity without the use of additional flavors.

El Titan de Bronze incorporates traditional Cuban techniques, such as ‘entubado’ for tubing the filler and applying a triple cap, to impart authenticity to their cigars. Every cigar undergoes evaluation by a Master Roller/Blender, ensuring that each cigar that leaves the factory is of exceptional quality, just like the renowned “el oso” cigars.

Press Release: Introducing the Second Blend

A milestone in the Warped Cigars and Aganorsa Leaf partnership was marked in August 2019, with the official unveiling of the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch blend. The press release highlighted the unique characteristics of the Nightwatch blend, including its status as the only box pressed size in the series and its more intense all-Nicaraguan blend.

The press release emphasized the Corojo Maduro wrapper of the Nightwatch blend, promising a darker, more intense flavor profile. The blend, featuring a Corojo binder and a mixture of Corojo and Criollo fillers, was introduced as a highly anticipated new line extension of Guardian of the Farm, promising a rich and complex smoking experience.

Breaking Down the Blend: Components and Characteristics

Close-up of the components used in the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar blend

More than just a cigar, the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch is a carefully orchestrated symphony of flavors designed to tantalize your taste buds. The blend is a masterful composition, featuring:

  • A Corojo Maduro wrapper

  • A Corojo binder sourced from Jalapa

  • A filler blend of Criollo and Corojo tobaccos cultivated in the Esteli and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua.

Each component plays a crucial role in shaping the cigar’s unique character, contributing to a flavor profile that is rich, intricate, and utterly satisfying.

Wrapper: Maduro Magic

Rich and dark Maduro wrapper used in the Nightwatch blend

The Maduro wrapper of the Nightwatch blend plays a significant role, imbuing the cigar with a unique flavor profile. The creation of a Maduro wrapper is a meticulous process that involves the natural introduction of heat and moisture to darken the tobacco leaves, resulting in a rich, dark color and a bold, full-bodied flavor.

The Maduro wrapper contributes deeper and more nuanced flavors to a cigar, enhancing the burn rate, and imparting a sweeter taste to complement a robust blend. In the case of the Nightwatch blend, the Maduro wrapper is incorporated to introduce a rich and dark flavor profile, employing a proprietary shade grown Corojo Maduro wrapper from Aganorsa Leaf.

Binder and Filler: Corojo and Nicaraguan Essence

Corojo binder and Nicaraguan filler, essential components of the Nightwatch blend

The distinct flavor profile of the Nightwatch blend owes much to its Corojo binder and Nicaraguan filler. The Corojo binder enriches the flavor profile by introducing intricacy and richness, featuring nuances of:

  • earth

  • pepper

  • cedar

  • coffee

  • a sweet aroma

All of these collectively contribute to a sophisticated and flavorful smoking experience.

Nicaraguan filler tobacco is renowned for its robust flavor and spiciness. In the Nightwatch blend, these tobaccos play a significant role, enabling blenders to craft a bold smoking experience. The filler imparts flavor, strength, and boldness, while the binder leaf serves to compress the filler tobacco, ensuring the cigar maintains its shape and burns evenly.

Traditional Cuban Methods: A Touch of Authenticity

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar pays homage to the enduring power of tradition. It integrates traditional Cuban cigar-making techniques, such as the utilization of a Corojo Maduro wrapper leaf cultivated in Nicaragua’s Jalapa region, a method derived from Cuban practices.

These traditional methods, passed down through generations, play a significant role in the unparalleled flavor and quality of premium cigars such as the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch. They set Cuban cigars apart, as these are crafted solely with Cuban tobacco, resulting in a robust, genuine smoke and a unique flavor profile.

Flavor Profile: A Journey for the Taste Buds

A diverse array of flavors representing the complex taste profile of the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar offers a tantalizing journey for the taste buds. It presents a multifaceted and robust flavor experience that captivates and stimulates the palate. This cigar presents specific flavors such as:

  • cocoa

  • sharp earth

  • black pepper

  • leather

  • spice

  • toast

  • wood

providing a varied and captivating experience for the palate.

Each component of the Nightwatch blend plays a crucial role in shaping its flavor profile. The Maduro wrapper brings forth rich notes, while the Corojo and Nicaraguan components introduce layers of leather, spice, toast, and wood, resulting in a cool burn and enjoyable finish that defines the Nightwatch’s intricate flavor profile.

Earth, Spice, and Everything Nice

Earthy and spicy elements coming together in the Nightwatch blend

We’ll explore the earthy and spicy flavors that shape the Nightwatch blend. The cigar showcases earthy flavors, specifically featuring notes of:

  • mocha

  • earth

  • wood

  • anise

  • coffee

Pepper and cocoa are prominently discernible, accompanied by a distinct earthy note.

The distinctive earthy and spicy flavors are developed through the utilization of Nicaraguan tobacco, renowned for its bold and spicy characteristics, along with the incorporation of blends that produce spicy, woody, and earthy undertones. These flavors impart richness and depth to the Nightwatch cigar, resulting in a dry texture with complexities such as black and red pepper, cocoa, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, and various other intricate nuances.

Medium to Full-bodied Smoke

Offering a medium to full-bodied smoke, the Nightwatch blend promises a heartier, more flavorful experience than a medium-bodied cigar. It typically contains stronger tobaccos, has a more robust taste on the palate, and may exhibit greater complexity in flavor and spiciness.

The full-bodied smoke experience of the Nightwatch is achieved through the utilization of Aganorsa’s proprietary Shade Grown Corojo Maduro wrapper. This type of smoke has a significant impact on the strength and fragrance of the cigar, enabling blenders to craft a bold smoking experience, with a medium to full strength and body.

Palate Pleasing Complexity

The complex flavors of the Nightwatch cigar set it apart. Aficionados may anticipate a diverse range of flavors including:

  • earth

  • pepper

  • cedar

  • coffee

  • sweet aroma

  • cherry

  • wine barrels

  • beef carpaccio

  • vanilla

  • cinnamon

  • musk

  • pistachio spice

  • earthiness

The complexity of the Nightwatch’s flavors is enhanced by its blend, which comprises a Corojo binder from Jalapa and a filler mix of Corojo and Criollo tobaccos grown in Estelí and Jalapa. This combination offers notes of cherry, wine barrels, beef carpaccio, cocoa, and marshmallows. Additionally, the Maduro wrapper contributes depth and complexity to the flavor profile, resulting in a slower, more savory burn, ultimately enhancing the overall tasting experience.

The Loyal Dogs: Inspiration Behind the Name

Silhouette of a loyal dog symbolizing the inspiration behind the Guardian of the Farm name

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch is more than a cigar - it serves as a heartening tribute to the loyal dogs that safeguard the Aganorsa Leaf tobacco farms. The name Guardian of the Farm pays tribute to these American Bulldogs, symbolizing their unwavering loyalty and tenacity.

These dogs play a crucial role in the protection of the tobacco crops, deterring predators and contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the crop. It is this spirit of loyalty and protection that the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch embodies in every puff.

Original Guardian: A Tribute to Canine Companions

Tribute to loyal canine companions in the original Guardian of the Farm cigar

The original Guardian of the Farm cigar honored the loyal dogs that safeguard the Aganorsa farms. Each variant of the line was titled after an American Bulldog that safeguards the factory and fields in Nicaragua.

These dogs, typically chosen for their working abilities, play a crucial role in safeguarding the farm’s tobacco crops by deterring predators and contributing to the overall safety and well-being of the crop. The original Guardian of the Farm cigar pays tribute to these loyal companions, reflecting their unwavering commitment and loyalty.

Nightwatch: A New Breed of Guardian

Mysterious and captivating image representing the Nightwatch blend as a new breed of guardian

As the second in the Guardian of the Farm series, the Nightwatch blend pays homage to the loyal dogs that keep vigil over the farms at night. It represents a new breed of guardian, reflecting the evolution of the original blend while maintaining a strong connection to its roots.

These dogs play a vital role in protecting the farms, utilizing their acute senses and innate protective instincts to monitor the farm’s perimeter and discourage potential risks. The Nightwatch blend pays tribute to these loyal companions, capturing their spirit in every puff.

How to Enjoy the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch

Elegant setup for enjoying the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar

While the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch cigar is a delight to smoke, understanding the best ways to enjoy it can greatly enrich the smoking experience. From pairing recommendations to proper storage and humidification, and even lighting techniques, there are several ways to elevate your Nightwatch experience.

Pairing Recommendations

Choosing the right beverage or food to accompany your Nightwatch cigar can significantly augment your smoking experience. For beverages, the following options can complement the rich and robust flavor profile of sweet cherry, wine barrels, cocoa, brown sugar, and strong cedar:

  • Dark beer

  • Coffee

  • Tawny port

  • Rum

  • Cognac

  • Bourbon

For food, the Nightwatch cigar pairs well with:

  • Dark chocolate

  • Espresso

  • Grilled steak

  • Spicy dishes

These flavors can accentuate the notes of leather, cocoa, and pepper in the cigar. The Nightwatch cigar also pairs well with beef carpaccio and desserts that incorporate vanilla and cocoa, resonating with its complexity.

Proper Storage and Humidification

Proper storage of your Nightwatch cigar is key to preserving its quality. The cigars should be stored within the range of 68-74% humidity, with the optimal conditions being at 70% humidity. Excessive humidity can affect the quality of the cigars, causing them to become excessively soft and potentially leading to issues with the burn and draw.

For humidification, a humidifier, a water-based solution, or a specialized humidification device can be used to uphold approximately 70% humidity. A Spanish cedar humidor is also recommended for storing the Nightwatch cigars due to its ability to maintain stable humidity levels and impart a favorable aroma to the cigars.

Lighting Techniques

Artistic representation of lighting techniques for the Nightwatch blend

The way you light your Nightwatch cigar can greatly influence the flavors you experience. A lighter specifically crafted for cigars with butane fuel and a flame, or a wooden match or a slender piece of cedar should be used to prevent compromising the cigar’s flavors with lighter fluid from conventional lighters.

The manner in which the cigar is lit can significantly impact the smoking experience of the Nightwatch cigar, as it helps preserve the initial flavors of cocoa, sharp earth, and black pepper, and ensures a consistent and high-quality burn throughout the smoking session.


We have journeyed through the rich tapestry of the Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch, from its origins to the intricate blend that makes it a standout cigar. It is a testament to a unique collaboration, the craftsmanship of El Titan de Bronze, and the loyalty of the dogs that guard the farms. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar enthusiast or a novice, the Nightwatch offers a rich and complex smoking experience that is sure to captivate your palate. So, light up a Nightwatch, sit back, and savor the journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Aganorsa cigars are primarily made by Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras, using Aganorsa leaf for their Casa Fernandez brand.

Aganorsa Leaf cigars include brands like Cerberus, La Validación, Signature Corojo, JFR, Guardian Of The Farm, and Mombacho. They are known for achieving optimal flavor and aroma due to a team of Cuban and Nicaraguan Agronomists guiding the process from seed to ash.

JFR cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua by Casa Fernandez, known for their high-quality Aganorsa tobacco.

Warped Cigars is a small boutique company known for producing brands like Maestro del Tiempo and La Colmena in collaboration with El Titan de Bronze and TABSA in Nicaragua.

The Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch is unique due to its collaboration between Warped Cigars and Aganorsa Leaf, resulting in a rich and complex smoking experience with its unique blend of Corojo Maduro wrapper, Corojo binder, and a mixture of Criollo and Corojo fillers.