Maya Selva Villa Zamorano available now at Cuenca Cigars

Maya Selva Villa Zamorano available now at Cuenca Cigars

Posted by Ana Cuenca on Apr 14, 2014

Maya Selva Villa Zamorano available now online at Cuenca Cigars. Villa Zamorano line is the newcomer by Maya Selva Cigar Company. The result of an unparalleled change in the Cigar Industry universe. It enables all cigar lovers to smoke a premium handmade cigar at a very economic price point. 

The name refers to a very prestigious valley in Honduras and is also a tribute to the creator's ancestors who have passed on passion for cigars and taste for a constant widening cigar's horizon. Paradoxically, the development of a "great basic" also requires knowledge of the best puros. Product of imagination, encounter between Maya Selva's perfect control in cigar tradition and a man's know-how, the manufacturing director, this real cigar was born on the basis of a simplified fermentation process, a rationalized production respecting the essential principals and movements os the constant quality of leaves and blend, the rigor of construction, the long filler core, the tasty wrapper and the additional hand-made spirits. Like a great cigar, Villa Zamorano is a blend of whole leaves, hand-rolled. Also like a great cigar, it has a real identity when it comes to taste and smell: it is rustic, copious and expressive, with a perfect aromatic nature that exalts woody fragrances and suggestions of freshly cut hay, hazelnut and plants. Under the sobriety of a simple bunch of unbranded cigars, it offers the taste of a genuine tobacco without ornamentation. 

#VillaZamorano #ElGordo rated 92 points and earned a "Best Buy" label during this Spring's blind taste test at Cigar Journal

It was also the only 100% ALL-HONDURAN tobacco cigar on the list! Truly exemplary. Take the experts' word on it! #MayaSelvaCigars #CigarsforEveryone.

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