Gurkha Cellar Reserve

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars are the first launch of the Gurkha Cellar Reserve line of cigars and made up rare combination of tobaccos. Kaizad Hansotia of Gurkha Cigars has used the finest quality 15 year old aged tobacco to create this blend. Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars are thus a combination of an aged Dominican olor binder with a 15-year old Dominican Filler. They feature an oily Criollo 1998 wrapper and come housed in unique wooden boxes reminiscent of a maturing wine barrel. These Cellar Reserve are medium to full bodied cigars with full of complex, delicious flavours. Receiver of 97 rating and a place in the top 10 cigar of the year these puros are must try. Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars come in the following sizes such as, Koi (4.0"x58), Solara (5.0"x58), Hedonism (6.0"x58), Prisoner (7.0"x54) and Kraken (6.0"x60). To experience the taste of these highly acclaimed cigars place an order now at Cuenca Cigars and get them at an attractive price.